Playstation will eliminate a PS5 feature, and it’s all your fault

Playstation does away with a heavily publicized PS5 feature since, two years after the console’s arrival, it didn’t hit.

We are gradually getting closer to what will be the second birthday of the current-gen videogame, that is PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Continuing to use the term next-gen now seems a bit ridiculous for machines that have existed for a long time and are in gamers’ homes. The problem is that there are few gamers, given that both consoles are very difficult to find and there are still problems in large-scale distribution on the production lines that in fact irreversibly undermine the amount of hardware produced. And, while the second summer experienced by the two consoles is about to pass, here they continue to hiding from shelves and online stores of all the world.

Playstation will eliminate a PS5 feature, and it’s all your fault

In particular, it is PS5 that is extremely uncommon, especially if you take into account thevery high demand which currently exists for the console. While not as widespread as Playstation players and investors would like, there are still enough consoles around, it seems, to be able to do market surveys and collect some important feedbecks on the gaming experience. And also cancillary of the unique features of PS5.

PS5 feature eliminated, players don’t use it

The function we are talking about is that of Accoladesor of Acknowledgments. The feature created for PS5 included the ability to give recognition to other players you meet online, to honor their deeds or their behavior. To encourage our best members and recognize positive influencesyou can give someone an acknowledgment anonymously after an online match“. The acknowledgments you have received are displayed on your profile.

PS5 Acknowledgments
PS5 Acknowledgments

A kind of honor systemwhich serves to reward those who do everything for the team and for others during the match, improving the game experience. Enough toxicity in chat and just jump in Leeroy Jenkins against the enemy and then ask for a doctor. Unfortunately, however, as communicated by Playstation, no one is using the system. “In the fall of 2022, the Credits feature on PS5 will no longer be supported. The function it did not have the level of use we had anticipatedso we are focusing our efforts“, Announces Sony.

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