Playstation Plus, sharp decline in subscribers does not worry Sony

Even after all the news and announcements regarding the Playstation Plus, unfortunately, an unprecedented decline in subscribers has begun for Sony. This situation, however, does not seem to weigh on Sony who wanted to think about the subject.

Thanks to the evolution of subscriptions in the gaming field, we are all experiencing a new and proper era of gaming. Indeed the Xbox through his famous and beloved Game Pass has managed to upset the balance of the market by offering a huge catalog of video games at a small monthly price. Also thanks to the various acquisitions of Microsoft it is very likely that many more successful games will be added, such as the next ones Call of Duty.

What happens to Playstation Plus subscribers? (Source: Playstation)

For its part, however, Sony has decided to renew its own Playstation Plus, which, however, does not seem to be very popular with users since the titles are offered on a subscription basis more expensive than Microsoft’s seem to be for the most part older generations.

Playstation Plus: Sony is quiet compared to the decline in users

In this period the Sony is seeing the number of subscribers to the Playstation Plus drop dramatically, this could be caused by many factors that at the moment do not scare the video game company in the least Japanese, also because Sony has decided to respond to the tender for Microsoft’s acquisitions.

playstation plus
Sony’s CFO tries to explain what makes the company and investors calm. (Source: Playstation)

Indeed Hiroki Todori, Sony’s Chief Financial Officer described his vision of what is happening trying to reassure investors. The decline in users according to Hiroki should not be seen as a defeat by Sony since the number of players and Playstation users has never been so tall in its history.

Hiroki then wanted to emphasize that Sony has managed to guarantee huge numbers in the market even during one global crisis of microprocessors and a pandemic. The CFO therefore specified that the users’ playing time and their involvement are very high, to the point of not having to worry about these data which could change based on many factors and especially at any moment.

In addition, Hiroki feels he will soon see the availability of PS5 rise in order to guarantee more sales in the coming years, but it seems that the availability of the new consoles is in a dramatic situation.

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