PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium: cowboys and kittens for May – News

No need to introduce Red Dead Redemption 2, the greatest simulation of cowboys (and long, unwanted interactions) in history. No need to delve deeper into the first Watch Dogs case, where we follow Aiden Pierce in his quest for revenge through piracy. A Ubisoft open world like we always do. More atypical in the Ubi' catalog, we find The Settlers: New Allies, a reboot from the management franchise where players must simultaneously establish their empire, manage their resources and defend against outside invasions with a touch of PvP if desired. Still on the “resource management” side, we find the survival game Stranded: Alien Dawn and its exploration of an alien planet.


Together, we no longer count the hours

There will also be fun in multiplayer thanks to the spy software Deceive Inc. In the shoes of secret agents with various skills, players must infiltrate different buildings to steal information or key objects. Still on the wrong side of the law, the unfortunate heist simulator Crime Boss: Rockay City displays as many past Hollywood stars as there are bugs at the minute for a decidedly retro experience (it smells like the second-hand bins at the Foir'fouille) . Finally, let's note the RPG duology Cat Quest as well as the adaptation The Great LEGO Adventure 2: The Video Game and the expansion The Sims 4 City Life.

On the retrogaming side, the Premium catalog collects three unexpected titles that I discovered with you while writing this article. Worms Pinball transposes the squabbles slapstick from earthworms to pinball machines with just the right amount of explosive gadgets to keep the score high. Flying police fans will enjoy G-Police, which sends us to pacify the airspace of a futuristic megalopolis. Speeding between the skyscrapers in our beautiful shuttle, we must shoot down the delinquents with precision, even if throwing missiles in the urban perimeter is apparently not prohibited by the command. Finally, extreme sports enthusiasts will be able to test 2Xtreme and its international landscapes, from Japan to Las Vegas.

Remember that 25 titles will clear the floor by May 21, including the available Final Fantasy (goodbye FFIX…) and the excellent platform game The Messenger.

PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium (May 21):

Red Dead Redemption 2 | PS4
Deceive, Inc. | PS5
Crime Boss: Rocky City | PS5
The Settlers: New Allies | PS4
Stranded: Alien Dawn | PS4, PS5
Cat Quest | PS4
Cat Quest II | PS4
The LEGO Movie 2: The Video Game | PS4
Watch Dogs | PS4
The Sims 4 City Life | PS4


PlayStation Plus Premium (May 21):

Worms Pinball | PS4, PS5
G-Police | PS4, PS5
2Xtreme | PS4, PS5

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