Players want to romance their vassals

One of the most interesting aspects Dragon's Dogma 2 is the vassal system. In addition to your permanent companion, who you create at the beginning of the story and who supports you with his skills throughout the game, you can also recruit temporary companions using the Rift Stones.


Whether temporary or permanent – the vassals are loyal to the Awakened One (i.e. you) and fight bravely at your side. But since the temporary workers don't level up, you'll have to fire them sooner or later and look for new help. Only yours Main vassal always stays with you… isn't there perhaps more possible?

Dragon's Dogma 2: Raid Main Pawns – Is There More to It?

In Dragon's Dogma 2 there is the possibility of surprising, or even showering, all sorts of NPCs with gifts. This strengthens the bond and after a while leads to them becoming loved ones. Completing (or failing) certain quests associated with these people also results in one increased like or dislike. However, vassals are apparently exempt from worldly things such as strong feelings.

Are pawns romantic now? My girl is showing symptoms of max affinity and there are barely any posts about it so far.
byu/Talia_Rosethorn inDragonsDogma

Because even if they accompany you day and night on dangerous journeys; even if they greet you when you get up in the morning; Even if they assure you that they missed you when you were in a palace without them – you can not develop a romantic bond with them. Gifts to the main vassals are also possible and actions such as regular conversations or a high five after a victorious fight also lead to a higher score affinitybut not to a romantic relationship.


Some users on Reddit suspect that this is at least hinted at or perhaps even an indication of future plans by the RPG developers. These have discovered that their vassals blush during some conversations and interactions. “I spent 50,000 on a new hairstyle and hair color and my main vassal now blushes when we talk,” writes Infamous_Touch2339. “Are there hidden romances with vassals?” The facts that only the main vassal can go into your house and sometimes even blush if you slept together in the same room (or bed?) are for users TianAnMen_8964 clear indications.

“There might be advantages in battle if we romance our vassal,” suggests floopydoop90 before. “Better healing, stronger attacks. I think something like this could be added as DLC. I would even buy it as a microtransaction.” Capcom already has the answer: Instead of asking what players for a DLC for Dragon's Dogma 2the development studio should perhaps inquire about the desired content.