Player Devotes 150 Hours to Conquering Extreme Skyrim Challenge with Permanent Death

This player spends many, many hours playing this title to finally overcome its particularly difficult challenge.

More than a decade after its release, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues to amaze gamers around the world. It must be said that this immersive open world quickly won over as many Internet users as possible in 2011, including those who had never touched The Elder Scrolls franchise. Even today, this unique fantasy universe created by Bethesda manages to bring together a large number of fans even today. This title remains widely played, proof of its undeniable quality. True unwavering love, some always return to Skyrim to embark on adventures, each more exciting than the last.


Recently, a Reddit user stood out within the community of this title, for his journey full of challenges. The latter seems to prefer challenging courses rather than quiet and relaxing roads. This is why he decided to impose imposing constraints on himself such as permanent death.

He spends 150 hours completing his own challenge in Skyrim

No fast travel, no companions, no potions that grant excessive bonuses, no “excessive” crafting, and above all, death leads to the deletion of the character… This is the challenge that Inward_Perfection set for itself.. It was on Reddit that he decided to share his exploit and, above all, to give advice to those who would like to undertake this highly perilous adventure: “It took me 5 attempts, but I survived the Legendary difficulty with only one life / without crafts. Here are some thoughts on this experience.

How can you complete the game with so many constraints? The answer is relatively simple: by playing a stealth archer. Even though this user admitted to not liking stealth in video games in general, he was forced to admit that it is by far the best way to overcome his own challenge.

This post has attracted a huge number of Skyrim fans who seem curious to try this challenge. If you’re also interested in this hardcore route, Inward_Perfection gives a bunch of detailed advice in the comments of his own Reddit post, such as disabling the killcam using a mod.