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Mahjong offers a good mix of strategy, memory training and relaxation. We have selected the best free games for you. Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game. The game consists of removing matching pairs of tiles from the board, with the art of choosing the right tiles to enable further moves. Mahjong promotes concentration, sharpens observation skills and at the same time offers a calming break from everyday life. Many people enjoy the challenge of solving different layouts and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing tiles and calm gaming atmosphere. In our video we show you eight free browser games for even more gaming fun: 8 free browser games Play Zoo Mahjong for free In this browser game you can choose between three different, colorful sets. You can either choose the small animals, such as cute cats and dogs, or you can choose the sweets and look for ice cream sundaes or pairs of croissants. Or you can start with the fruit set, where delicious cherries, strawberries and pineapples await you. You have three tips open per game and a few times the opportunity to completely reshuffle the playing field. Click here for Zoo Mahjong Play Mahjong Shanghai for free There are 144 tiles with Chinese characters, dragons, bamboo, cherry blossoms and other motifs that are typical of Shanghai. Find matching pairs and clear the field. A tip: don't fight your way from the outside in, but make sure that at the end individual tiles are free and not a single block remains. Click here for Mahjong Shanghai Play Holiday Mahjong Dimensions for free Holiday Mahjong Dimensions is a Christmas special that is played against the clock. The aim is to clear as many tiles from the field as possible in 2 minutes and 55 seconds. The motifs consist of Christmas tree decorations, sweet candy canes and gingerbread men, as well as other Christmas motifs. Unlike usual Mahjong, there is only one block, similar to a cube, on the playing surface and you have to find pairs on the outside. Click here to go to Holiday Mahjong Dimensions Play Kitchen Mahjong for free At first glance, the browser game Kitchen Mahjong looks like a memory game. Here too you have to find pairs, for example the same kitchen pot twice or the golden soup ladle twice. To do this you should first find two symbols that are directly next to or on top of each other. When a bit of free space has been created you can combine all the pairs that are lying free as usual. Click here to go to Kitchen Mahjong Play Best Classic Mahjong Connect for free In Best Classic Mahjong Connect you can play through 12 levels. The best way to go here is to fight your way from the outside in. The game is timed. If you can't find any more pairs yourself, you can get a tip as to whether and where there are still options. There are six tips per level. Click here for Best-Classic-Mahjong-Connect In this picture gallery we present you 15 captivating games that provide plenty of distraction: (Gallery) 15 captivating games that will cast a spell on you and make you forget reality Play Animal Mahjongg for free In Animal Mahjongg you also play from the outside in and find matching pairs. The motifs are from the animal world, whether aquatic animals like rays, flying animals like pigeons, exotic animals like panda and elephant or perhaps the most popular pets in the world – cats. Find the matching pair and make sure to clear the playing field as quickly as possible. Click here for Animal Mahjongg Play Mahjong 3D for free In Mahjong 3D you can expect 40 levels and an exciting game with a time limit. You will be given tips in case you get stuck and can't find any more pairs yourself. Mahjong is structured as a block. In the 3D version, each stone looks like a cube. Click here to play Mahjong 3D Dark Mahjong Connect for free The special thing about Dark Mahjong Connect is the look of the tiles, because their dark design makes them stand out from almost all other Mahjong games. You have 12 levels available. The principle is similar to most games – you collect the same pairs and work your way from the outside in. You play against the clock and have six tips to help you if you can't find any more ways to form pairs. You can also reshuffle the board a few times. Click here to play Dark Mahjong Connect (News) This is why Zelda games will never be the same again Play Zodiac Mahjong for free There are 30 levels available to you in Zodiac Mahjong. A game against the clock, in which tips help you find pairs, as well as the option to have your board reshuffled. The motifs are from different zodiac systems, from the zodiac signs we know, such as Taurus and Capricorn, to the Chinese zodiac signs, such as the snake. Click here to play Zodiac Mahjong Mahjong Royal for free In Mahjong Royal you can play through 27 levels. You have 5 minutes and 45 seconds for the first level. The time limit decreases with each level. You have the option of undoing moves, reshuffling all the tiles and getting tips. As a tip you can choose to be shown a pair or to be shown all the available pairs. Click here to play Mahjong Royal