PlanetSide 2 – Daybreak Game would have sold the PlanetSide and PlanetSide 2 licenses?

Daybreak Game recently announced that it had sold one of its licenses for 5.9 million. Which ? It could be PlanetSide, even if the group refuses to confirm or deny and without specifying the reasons for the transaction.

The recent presentation of the group's quarterly accounts Enad Global 7 was notably an opportunity to better understand the economic activity of its subsidiary Daybreak Gamenotably marked by “the sale of a non-essential license” for an amount of 5.9 million dollars – as we mentioned.


What license was thus sold? Daybreak does not specify it, but as often, the Reddit users carried out the investigation and discovered that the brands associated with the licenses PlanetSide And PlanetSide 2 have clearly been transferred. THE American copyright office reference a transfer of the “PlanetSide” brands (PlanetSide, Planetside: Core CombatPlanetSide 2, PlanetSide: Aftershock and PlanetSide Arena) of Sony Online Entertainment to Daybreak Game recorded on January 26 (obviously, the trademark transfer had never been updated since the disappearance of Sony Online), then from Daybreak Game to a group called Bay Tree Tower Limited on February 6. Bay Tree Tower Limited clearly shows no activity and appears to be a shell company.

Transfer of “PlanetSide” brands

Neither confirmed nor denied

Asked about this change of ownership by MMORPG.comDaybreak refuses to comment, neither to confirm, but not to deny either: “ we have no additional information or comments regarding the presentation of the financial statementsEG7. If we have any further news or updates to share about PlanetSide 2, we will post them on the game's website and via social media.x”.

At this time, the official PlanetSide 2 website still attributes the MMOFPS to Daybreak Game and its subsidiary Rogue Planet Games, but the transfer to Bay Tree Tower Limited could only be a step (while waiting for a sale to a third party for example) or a writing game between the subsidiary and the parent company for tax reasons. In any case, we will remember that after the creation of Rogue Planet in 2020 (the creation of a studio specifically to operate PlanetSide 2), Daybreak seems to have plans for the MMOFPS, whether to revitalize it within a new structure… or to complete it after having sold it for 5.9 million in order to replenish its accounts.