pfSense 2.7.1 Distribution Kit for Creating Firewalls Now Available

Published release of a compact distribution for creating firewalls and network gateways pfSense 2.7.1. The distribution is based on the FreeBSD code base using the developments of the m0n0wall project and the active use of pf and ALTQ. For loading prepared iso image for amd64 architecture, size 570 MB.

The distribution is managed via a web interface. To organize user access on a wired and wireless network, Captive Portal, NAT, VPN (IPsec, OpenVPN) and PPPoE can be used. A wide range of capabilities are supported for limiting bandwidth, limiting the number of simultaneous connections, filtering traffic and creating fault-tolerant configurations based on CARP. Operation statistics are displayed in the form of graphs or in tabular form. Authorization is supported using the local user base, as well as through RADIUS and LDAP.


Key changes:

  • Base system components have been updated to FreeBSD 14-CURRENT. Updated versions of PHP 8.2.11 and OpenSSL 3.0.12.
  • The Kea DHCP server is included, which can be used instead of ISC DHCPD.
  • The PF packet filter has improved work with the SCTP protocol, adding the ability to filter SCTP packets by port number.
  • IPv6 routing settings have been moved to the “Services > Router Advertisement” section.
  • Part of the base system has been moved out of the monolithic “base” package into separate packages. For example, code from the pfSense repository is now shipped in the “pfSense” package rather than in a general archive.
  • A new nda driver is used to work with NVMe drives. To return the old driver in the bootloader, you can use the “hw.nvme.use_nvd=1” setting.

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