Persona 5 Tactica gives more information on its gameplay!


Overview of Unique Enemies

  • Encounter a variety of enemies as the story progresses.
  • Face Sumo-maton and the enemies he throws at you.
    • Sumo-maton sows chaos by throwing everything within range, friend and foe alike!
  • Admire the sumptuous reserved Geisha as she parries your attacks and skills.
    • The reserved Geisha is ready to ward off all your attacks with her umbrella as elegant as it is practical!
  • Hunt down the Slime Ninja and his clones scattered across the battlefield.
    • The Slime Ninja spawns clones to create confusion!

• Put your skills to the test against the powerful enemies that await you.

Operate a wide variety of interactive scenery elements

The levels are also filled with unique interactive elements!

Move forward using scenery elements such as surveillance cameras that trigger the arrival of enemies as you pass or elevators that can raise or lower parts of the scenery using a switch.

Use certain items to gain the upper hand in combat, like acceleration squares that allow you to reach higher areas or explosive barrels that disappear with a loud boom if you hit them multiple times!

Don’t attack to take advantage of the charge

Don’t get carried away… Stay cool, like a real Phantom Thief!

If a character does not perform any actions during combat, then at the end of your turn, that character will begin charging. By the next round, he will be at full power and ready for action.

Position yourself to deceive the enemy and get a charge next turn.

Each character’s charge causes a different effect: test them all!

Anyone can equip a secondary Persona

All Thieves can equip a secondary Persona!

  • Equipping a secondary Persona improves stats. You can use his unique and inherited skills.
  • Secondary Personae have active skills and passive skills that execute automatically in combat.
  • Find the perfect character/secondary Persona combo!

Create weapons in the Velvet Chamber

New in the Velvet Chamber: in addition to the classic fusion, you can now merge two Personae to create a weapon! You can combine certain Personae to create unique weapons, more powerful than anything you’ll find in stores.

Create many different weapons, you have everything to gain!

Achieve victory on high difficulty

When playing on Hard difficulty or higher, enemy attack power and HP increase, and your attacks can damage your party members!

If you’re not careful, your wide-range attacks could cause your teammates’ HP to drop without even the help of enemies…

Note, however, that you can retry as many times as necessary. Take the opportunity to test different strategies!

Persona 5 Tactica will be released on November 17 and is already available for pre-order on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam on PC.

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