PC in the cloud becomes more affordable

With its new Shadow PC Essential offer, Shadow is targeting users looking for a solution focused on office automation. Offered at 9.99 euros per month, it becomes the most accessible plan on the market.

Shadow continues to expand its offering and is thinking of users who want an accessible formula that gets to the point. The firm announces the launch of Shadow PC Essential, a cloud computing solution focused on office automation activities. Until now, Shadow has mainly targeted gamers and content creators with offers focusing on power and advanced features. Presented at the start of the year, these offers are not within the reach of all budgets and are not necessarily suitable for everyone.


Shadow PC Essential at €9.99/month: what to remember

Shadow PC Essential takes the wrong approach to becoming the most affordable cloud computing offering on the market. For 9.99 euros per month, you have access to a Windows PC in the cloud available from any device (PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Shadow targets nomadic users, students or professionals with office activities. As always, a cloud offering requires an internet connection.

In detail, the formula offers a connection speed of 1 Gb/s in downstream speed (download) and 100 Mb/s in upstream speed (upload). It also includes 4GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, at least at launch. Indeed, the firm specifies that it is a formula including 128 GB + 128 GB offered for the launch of Shadow PC Essential “for a limited time”. It does not specify when this bonus will disappear.

Shadow mentions the presence of an Intel Xeon processor (4 vCores), a CPU capable of supporting office tasks. The cloud computing specialist confirms, however, that this offer does not include a GPU. Affordable and aimed at basic uses (surfing the internet, checking emails, office tools, etc.), it is therefore not aimed at fans of video editing or image retouching. The players are not the target either.

Is this new offer of any interest?

Behind its attractive price, we can ask ourselves the question of moving towards cloud computing to access an “office” configuration. The main argument of this technology until today was to bring a lot of power to physical machines which do not have enough. From now on, Shadow offers access to a more basic computer and versatility will undoubtedly be one of the arguments to convince users to take this step.


Indeed, the main advantage of Shadow remains its versatility since Shadow PC Essential is accessible from many devices. It can be accessed via a computer (Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux), a smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS) and even a Raspberry Pi or a web browser. The new offer comes as the group’s other plans have suffered a price increase in recent months.

For professionals, Shadow already has many arguments. The service discusses the possibility for a company to make a virtual PC available to employees. He also mentions the fact of no longer needing to manage a physical IT fleet or to have data directly accessible in the cloud. Shadow reminds that data is saved in European data centers, therefore respecting European data protection laws and standards such as the GDPR.