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Hello everyone,

Rough summary:

Ever since I assembled my new PC, I’ve had the problem that the computer goes into sleep mode, but then I can’t wake it up.


Windows 11 – Fast startup disabled
CPU – Intel i7 12700k
Cooling – Noctua NH-D15 chromax.black
VGA – Geforce RTX 2080 Super MSI Gaming X Trio
Motherboard – Z690 Aorus Ultra DDR5
RAM – Trident-Z5 6000-DIMM CL36 dual kit (2x16GB)
1TB NVME SSD Samsung 980 PRO
1TB SATA SSD Samsung 870 EVO
PSU – 1000 Watt Phanteks Revolt Pro 80+ Gold
Case – Phanteks Evolv X

Detailed description:

Since starting up the new PC (I took the 2080 Super with me from the old system) I had slight problems WITH activated XMP – never without it.
As soon as Win11 goes into energy saving mode, after a few seconds D3 appears on the mainboard (“Some of the Architectural Protocols are not available.”) The PC then continues to run. Fans and co remain on, but the PC can no longer be woken up.
In addition, I had other problems at the beginning, such as occasional crashes of programs or the whole PC and the error code D4 appeared regularly on the mainboard (“PCI resource allocation error. Out of Resources.”).
As a result, I was in close contact with Gigabyte Support and therefore replaced the CPU, RAM and mainboard, and also operated the system with other power supplies (Corsair RM850 and Aorus P1200W).
I also disabled WIndows 11 fast startup.

With the following result:
In normal operation with games, application programs and activated XMP profile, everything runs like clockwork – no error messages appear on the mainboard.
As soon as I or Windows itself wants to switch to energy-saving mode, D3 still appears on the mainboard, all fans and the like continue to run and the PC can no longer be woken up. (Black screen; no reaction to keyboard or mouse)

I really hope someone knows the problem…tech support hasn’t been all that helpful lately.

Thank you in advance and best regards!