Password Manager Lite – Offline Password Manager

Step 1

Password Manager Lite, of Dutch origin, is available in both an installable and a portable version. You can also store the latter on a USB stick, which is handy. Extract the zip archive and run the exe file.

Step 2

Press New for a new entry with three input fields: Website, Email on Password. You can also access the contents of these items via a button Windowsclipboard copy, useful when filling in a web page. For safety’s sake, put a checkmark Options / Clear clipboard on exit.

Step 3

You can of course enter a password yourself, but with a new account you can also Options / Generate password Selecting. Check the boxes to indicate the type of characters you want your password to contain and also indicate the password length. Then click Copy to Clipboard and paste it into the password field (with Ctrl+V). Confirm with Add to add the entry to the database. Double click on the entry to open that website in your browser.

Step 4

You must of course also keep this password vault. You do that through File / Save to file (PIN required). Choose a Key color and the encryption method, such as AES-ECB. Enter a PIN code (2x), up to 128 digits long. Confirm with OK. To open your database choose File / Open file, select the correct color code and also enter your pin code.