Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Gets Update to Version 1.0.1 – All the Details – Nintendo Switch

Sumptuous remake of the game GameCube sjust left 20 years, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door just received an update on Nintendo Switch. On the program are some small improvements and especially bug fixes, some of which could be annoying. For all the details of the content of this update, find below, the translation patch notes released by Nintendo.

Patch Notes: Ver. 1.0.1 (Released July 9, 2024)

Problems solved

  • Fixed an issue preventing game progression where you could pass the fallen tree on the Penocta Road without first obtaining Roll mode.
    • If this error occurred and the game was saved on the map with the fallen tree, you will restart the game repositioned to a location before passing the fallen tree.
    • If the game was saved somewhere beyond the map with the fallen tree, after downloading this update data, please save to the save block on the map with the fallen tree, and then return to the title screen. When you select the relevant data again in the save data selection screen, you will restart the game repositioned to a location before passing the fallen tree.

  • Fixed an issue where controls would sometimes become unresponsive after hitting an enemy with a hammer on the ground.
  • Fixed an issue where battles would sometimes no longer progress properly or status icons would no longer display during battles in cases where players played for a long period of time without closing the software.
  • Fixed an issue where a battle against a Koopa Troopa hidden behind a clump of grass in the Dragobé Plain which occasionally did not complete properly.
  • Fixed an issue where controls could become unresponsive after using Carmina's ability while in the field.
  • Fixed an issue during battles where the player's turn could sometimes be skipped entirely after using the Double Item or Triple Item badges.
  • Fixed some text issues in English, French, German, Italian and Korean.
  • Fixed a number of other issues.

Depending on your console settings, and provided it is connected to the internet, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door should update automatically. If not, you can start the update manually by selecting the game icon from the menu and pressing the + or – button on the controller. Then simply select the update tab.


As a reminder, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is available Currently on Nintendo Switch.



Join Mario and friends on their adventure to discover the legendary treasure hidden behind the Thousand-Year Door. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the Nintendo GameCube classic, returns with enhanced graphics on Nintendo Switch!

The hunt for Star Gems has begun

It all begins when Princess Peach calls on Mario to help her in a treasure hunt that begins in Port-Lacanaïe. But when our hero arrives there, the princess turns out to be nowhere to be found! Learning of the existence of the Star Gems, he decides to set out in search of these legendary treasures in the hope that they will help him find Peach's trail.

Of course, Mario isn't the only one who wants to get his hands on the Star Gems, and Bowser will be just one of the formidable rivals standing in his way! Will our hero be able to find the Star Gems, open the mysterious Millennium Gate, and maybe even save the world?

A paper world full of surprises

To get your hands on the Star Gems, you'll have to venture out of Port-Lacanaïe and explore the world! All sorts of adventures await you, such as a confrontation with a huge dragon hidden in a disturbing castle, the exploration of a cursed city plunged into darkness, or even a thrilling investigation to be carried out aboard a train!

In this paper world, Mario will bend over backwards to overcome any obstacle! He can transform into a paper plane to fly over precipices, become threadlike to slip into narrow spaces, and much more!

Partners with special talents

During the adventure, you will meet colorful characters who will be happy to lend you a hand. These allies will not only help you in your quest, but they will also set the mood during your journey!

Each one has unique abilities. To name a few, Goomelie can reveal information about the places you visit and the enemies you encounter, Koopek can retrieve out-of-reach items, and Lady Cumulia can make obstacles fly away to reveal secret passages! You can even use these abilities during combat to gain the upper hand on your opponents!

Theatrical battles

In this adventure, turn-based battles take place… on stage, in front of an excited audience! You can perform all sorts of actions to defeat your opponents, such as equipping yourself with badges that give access to new attacks, or using special techniques that channel the power of Star Gems!

Use good timing when attacking or defending to improve the effectiveness of your actions. The better you shine in battle, the more the audience will cheer for you!




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