Overtakes its successor in viewership on Twitch

Micha Deckert | September 19, 2023 – 5:04 p.m

The last new season for “Diablo 3” has begun. This seems to be well received by players and viewers, as the title currently has more viewers on Twitch than its more recent successor, “Diablo 4”.

Since September 15th, users of “Diablo 3” have been able to access the new one Season 29 get in. After eleven years, the season called “Visions of Hostility” will be the last to bring new content to the action role-playing game.

This seems to interest some players – and especially viewers. More people are currently watching “Diablo 3” on Twitch than “Diablo 4,” which was released in June.

Viewers want to see more of the new season

The current season in “Diablo 3” is all about diabolical rifts, strange portals that can open after enemies are eliminated. When the players enter the rifts, they face ever-changing opponents. After their death, these can open further portals that promise even more loot. There are also other exciting innovations in Season 29, such as the solo mode or the upper limit for distributed Paragon points, which are intended to make the gameplay even more varied.

This seems to be of particular interest to viewers on Twitch, because “Diablo 3” has a larger audience with its latest season than “Diablo 4,” which launched in June. “Diablo 3” currently has around 2,200 viewers, while “Diablo 4” has to make do with just 610 viewers (as of September 19, 2023, 4:50 p.m.). However, it must be noted that the new season of “Diablo 3” has just begun and is therefore likely to attract more attention than the expiring first season of “Diablo 4”.

Further news about “Diablo 4”:

The seasonal model of “Diablo 3” will continue after the current season 29. From the next one Season 30 Blizzard wants to bring back themes and features from the game’s past about every three months. The successor “Diablo 4” also has new content coming up. The second season will be on October 17th “Season of Blood” begin, which will deal with vampires.

Source: Twitch, Charlie Intel

Further news about Diablo 3, Diablo 4.

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