Over two-thirds of OpenAI staff, led by Ilya Sutskever, call for board of directors’ resignation

The OpenAI saga continues and its twists and turns are worthy of the best television series. After Satya Nadella’s announcement that Sam Altman will take the helm of a new advanced research division in artificial intelligence within Microsoft, OpenAI employees have increased signs of support on X (formerly Twitter). First with the phrase “OpenAI is nothing without its people”, which at least dozens of people posted, starting with CTO Mira Murati.

Two-thirds of employees give an ultimatum


Then with the publication of an open letter, signed by 505 employees out of the approximately 700 that make up the start-up, which demands that the return of Sam Altman and Greg Brockman on the one hand and the resignation of the board of directors of the ‘other. She suggests two potential replacements: Bret Taylor and Will Hurd. She also returns to the events of the weekend, confirming that Mira Murati, as interim CEO, tried to bring back Altman and Brockman and sought to dissolve the board of directors, believing that it was the best course of action. follow for the company.

As a result, she was replaced in this position by Emmet Shear, the former CEO of Twitch. We also learn that she would have been told that “allowing the company to be destroyed would be consistent with its mission.” In this letter, the signatories do not mince their words, telling council members: “Your actions have revealed that you are incapable of overseeing OpenAI. We cannot work for or with people who lack the competence, capacity for judgment and empathy for our mission and our employees.”

Return of Altman or exodus at Microsoft

Employees are openly threatening to resign to join the new group led by Sam Altman within Microsoft. Mira Murati was the first signatory. More surprising given the story so far, Ilya Sutskever is signatory number 12. Sources had unanimously reported thus far that he was behind the deal, having appealed to the council to oust Sam Altman. Co-founder and chief scientist of OpenAI, he is also one of the four remaining members of the board of directors denounced in the letter.


He also sent an apology message onsaying “deeply regret (s)his participation in the actions of the council.” He goes on to say that he never meant to harm OpenAI, and says that he will do everything he can to reunite the company. Given Satya Nadella’s announcement this morning, is a step back still possible at this stage for Sam Altman? Hard to say. But the matter quickly and definitively turned in his favor and it seems that he will come out a winner whatever happens.

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