Outrageous or worth every cent? The best VR glasses can now be bought in Germany

Did you happen to win the lottery? No? Then you will probably get the best VR glasses on the market. So far, the Apple headset with the eye-catching Look is not officially sold in Germany, but that is changing now. However, you have to very, very, very deep into the pocket grab.

The Apple Vision Pro is a luxury VR headset in a classy case

Anyone who simply wants a Buy decent VR glasses without having to sell a kidney, the Apple Vision Pro is not the right choice. With the MetaQuest 3 There is a very good alternative available that costs only a fraction of the Apple headset. But you have to make compromises.


The VisionPro from Apple offers a Almost edgeless display with extremely high resolution (more than 23 million pixels) and constant smooth refresh rate. In addition, there is a noble Housing made of aluminum and glass, instead of plastic, as is usual with VR glasses. Plastic is practical, but less luxurious. For this particularly elegant and powerful package But Apple also charges handsomely.

You can now buy the best VR glasses from us

At the Friday, July 12, 2024, Apple Vision Pro will be released now also here in Germany. Pre-orders of the luxury headset are available from Friday, June 28, 2024 possible, i.e. two weeks before the start of sales. In addition, Apple a whole range of useful accessories at.

For example, people who wear glasses Vision corrections from Zeiss which can be easily attached to the Apple Vision Pro with magnets. A Travel case Apple has to offer. But who wants the best VR glasses If you want to buy on the market, you should put other major purchases on hold first, because the Price is more than steep.


Not for everyone? The Apple Vision Pro is so incredibly expensive in Germany

While the Apple Vision Pro costs around $3,500 in the US, you can get the VR headset from Apple in this country from around 4,000 euros. The storage space cannot be expanded. If you need more space, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets.

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As usual requested Apple for the Storage space surcharges cost a lot of money extra. The basic version of the Apple Vision Pro has 256 GB. For 512 GB, around 4,250 euros due, for 1 TB you have to pay about 4,500 euros What will you treat yourself to this year: the Apple Vision Pro – or would you rather buy a used car? The best deals and expert advice on games, films, entertainment and more can now be found in the brand new PCG Guide. All information about our new portal can be found here!