Other than 007, this is the car that undercover spies really use | Now on sale for pennies

Have you ever wondered how much truth there is in the James Bond saga and above all which cars are really used for undercover operations? Spoilers: They are much less flashy than you thought.

And they’re not even big black SUVs (Telegraph)

One of the biggest spy movie clichés is the following: the secret agent on dutywhether it’s James Bond or a beefy CIA member with the inevitable mirrored sunglasses, moves in a very flashy vehicle, from the classic supercar supplied by no one knows which agency that filled it with gadgets to the colossal Chevy Suburban that Americans use a lot for the secret services.

Reality, as often happens, is much more boring than fantasy. We know this because a car used in dozens of undercover operations is now for sale on Silodrome that traveled to London to take a look at the “secret” vehicle used by the local police for decades during numerous special operations.

In Italy we would call it autocivetta: as in London they are more sophisticated, they renamed this SUV Undercover Surveillance Vehicle. However, the substance does not change: the local agents have carried out numerous operations on board this vehicle which blends perfectly with the local traffic so as not to attract attention until the right moment …

A special policewoman

Purchased new in 1983 for about 30,000 Dollars at the time by the police of the British capital, this one Range Rover it is not the same as all the other cars that came out of the factory with her: it was in fact equipped with additional radio equipment and on-board maps, as well as any tools that could be used by undercover police officers depending on the operation .

The car was used until 1998 in various stalking, stalking and undercover chases. Do you see those metal panels on the rear windows? They were created specifically to hide the cops in the back seats, busy collecting details on the current case. The car with that ugly rust color it passed completely under the nose criminals than ever would have expected to find plainclothes cops aboard such a vehicle.

Range Silodrome 29_07_2022 Quattromania
The Range Rover most feared by the London underworld (Silodrome)

Despite a long career spanning a little less than twenty years with the local authorities, our Range Rover is in quite good shape with the speedometer marking approximately 57,000 kilometers, the mechanics in excellent condition and the chassis that it doesn’t seem to hide bullet holes. The price of this little gem? It is around 26,500 euros. You can think about it if you are passionate about espionage!

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