Other Games With Addictive Gameplay Similar to Candy Crush

Candy Crush has been providing a lot of fun to many mobile gamers for years. We have picked out eight alternatives for you. Mobile games have steadily increased in recent years. More and more people are using their smartphones for gaming. Candy Crush is one of the most popular puzzle games in this area. Moving the little sweets is simply addictive. But if you don't get any further at a certain level but still don't want to miss out on puzzle fun, you start looking for similar games. We have done this work for you and are introducing you to some alternatives to Candy Crush as browser games. Do you love mobile games? In our video we deal more with this: “Mobile games are garbage” … but unstoppable! Sugar Heroes In Sugar Heroes it's the same as in Candy Crush. By arranging the same little candies in a row, you make them disappear and collects points in this way. Sugar Heroes not only offers puzzle fun, but also tells a story. Sweet! Click here for Sugar Heroes on Spielaffe.de Bejeweled Bejeweled was one of the first games that spread puzzle fun in this way. Completely Classically, the diamonds of the same color have to be pushed into a row to make them disappear. Danger of addiction included! You can find this game in the AppStore, but also in the PlayStore. Here you can find Bejeweled Classic in the PlayStore Here you can find Bejeweled Classic in the AppStore Gold Rush With Gold Rush you get…into a gold rush! In order to shovel gold nuggets free and get hold of them, you first have to get the other materials out of the way. You do this by proceeding like in Candy Crush and putting blocks of the same color in a row. Shovel your way to gold! Click here for Gold Rush on Spieleaffe.de Pet Rescue Saga Candy Crush with animals! To save the cute animals, you just have to line up at least three identical animals in a row. This is how you collect points and advance level by level. By the way, Pet Rescue Saga comes from the same developers as Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga. Click here for Pet Rescue Saga in the PlayStore Click here for Pet Rescue Saga in the AppStore Garden Tales 3 The game Garden Tales is so popular that it has now reached its third part. In this edition of the much-played series you can once again harvest various vegetables and fruits from your beautiful garden. Connect at least three identical tiles to collect them and get points. Happy harvesting! Click here for Garden Tales 3 on Spieleaffe.de Home Makeover You get something more than a simple Match3 game at Home Makeover. In addition to the puzzle fun in the form of Candy Crush gameplay, you can also renovate and decorate your own home here. As an interior designer, you need an eye for the right colors and furniture. Click here for Home Makeover on Spieleaffe.de Bubble Hit With Bubble Hit, the bubbles also disappear like in Candy Crush if you connect several of the same color together. The difference: In Bubble Hit you have a cannon with which you have to shoot the bubbles above you. But hurry up! They're getting closer and closer! Click here for Bubble Hit on Spieleaffe.de Candy Riddles Candy Riddles offers you more than 2000 levels! This is also a simple Match3 game with addictive potential. Three identical candies in a row will make them disappear and give you the points. Yummy! Click here for Candy Riddles on Spieleaffe.de