Oracle Linux 9.3 distribution now available for release

Oracle Company published distribution release Oracle Linux 9.3, created on the basis of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.3 package base and is completely binary compatible with it. For unlimited downloads proposed installation iso images, 10 GB and 900 MB in size, prepared for x86_64 and ARM64 (aarch64) architectures. For Oracle Linux 9 open unlimited and free access to the yum repository with binary package updates that fix errors (errata) and security issues. Separately supported repositories with sets of Application Stream and CodeReady Builder packages have also been prepared for download.

In addition to the kernel package from RHEL (based on kernel 5.14), Oracle Linux offers its own kernel, Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 7 Update 2, based on the Linux kernel 5.15 and optimized for working with industrial software and Oracle hardware. The kernel sources, including the breakdown into individual patches, are available in the public Git repositories Oracle. The Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel is installed by default, positioned as an alternative to the standard RHEL kernel package and provides a number of advanced features such as DTrace integration and improved Btrfs support. In addition to the additional core functionality the releases of Oracle Linux 9.3 and RHEL 9.3 are completely identical (the list of changes can be found in the RHEL 9.3 announcement).


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