Optimizing Console Settings for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

If you make a few changes to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s options, you can give yourself a slight advantage in multiplayer. Below we will show you the best settings for all console players.

Important NOTE: Of course, some settings depend on your personal preference, such as the sensitivity of your sticks or the field of view (FOV). There is no “best setting” for these settings as they depend on your taste.


Optimizes the dead zone (dead input area) of your sticks

First goes in the settings “controller”then up “Dead input area” and press Square/X, to show you more. Sets the value for “Minimum left stick” and “Minimum right stick” as low as possible, without triggering an automatic stick movement. So set it down so far that you don’t get automatic stick drift.

CoD MW 3 has a special feature in the options because you can test whether you have stick drift or not. Click on “Test the dead area on the stick”. As you test, move your sticks back and forth and release them. You can then see whether your sticks still move automatically or remain stationary. If a stick continues to move slightly, you need to increase the value one point and test again.

This allows you to find out exactly your dead zone and adjust your option accordingly. If you shoot with R2/L2 or RT/LT, you should also use them “Trigger Effects” to “Off” place.

Change your graphics options to see more

Go to the “Graphics” option and then to the “Details & Textures” category. Sets On-Demand Texture Streaming to On. Press Square/X to see more. Changes Reserved Texture Cache Size to Large and “Download Limits” to off. This means the multiplayer has better textures. However, you should only change these options if you have a good internet connection.


Puts in the In the “Post-Processing” section you have the following options:

World Motion Blur to OffWeapon Motion Blur to OffImage Noise to 0.00Depth of Field to AusFidelityfx Cas to AnFidelityfc Cas Strength to a value between 50 and 100. The value changes the image sharpness and also determines how edges are displayed in the game.

Change your field of view and other settings in View

Go to settings and select “Graphics” tab there you can under the Change your field of view (FOV) in the “View” section. Most players do best with a value of 90 to 100.

Additionally, while in the option, you can press Square/X to access the Aim Field of View and Weapon Field of View options. Provides Aim Field of View set to Affected and Weapon Field of View set to Standard.

The last thing you should do is go to the options section Set “First-person camera movements” and “External view camera movements” to “Minimum 50%”. This means the camera doesn’t shake as much as before.

Changes the audio mix to hear footsteps better

Go to the options “Audio” and presents it “Audio Mix” to “Headphone Bass Boost”. Of course, it will only help you if you also play with headphones or a headset.

Changes HUD options

Put it under “Interface” and then in the “HUD” section “Minimap shape” on square. If you set it to “round”, your minimap will be around 25% smaller, which puts you at a big disadvantage. Also puts that “Crosshair” to “Static”, so that the crosshair doesn’t move unnecessarily.

View server latency and packet loss

Go to the “Telemetry” section in the “Interface” tab. Sets Server Latency and Packet Loss to On. With these settings you can always see in the upper left corner whether you are having connection problems.