Opinions Vary among Players on Starfield’s New Feature

Game news This new feature of Starfield is not unanimous and the players make it clear!


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Starfield, one of the biggest Xbox exclusives, has just received a highly anticipated update… but this one is somewhat missing the mark for many players, who are getting down to review bombing.


Paid mods

It was eagerly awaited and was finally confirmed no later than during the Xbox Games Showcase which was held at the recent Summer Game Fest: the Creation Kit was imminent and his arrival was scheduled for June 9 in Starfield. It is now a done deal: Xbox exclusivity has welcomed a brand new update recently, including this element allowing nothing more and nothing less to mod the game.

The mod and Bethesda games are a love story that has lasted for a long time that the firm has been keen to formalize in its latest productions, with a dedicated mode where players can tackle creations changing the nature of the game and offer them online to the community. This is now the case in Starfield, something desired since the game's release in September 2023, except that… the Creation Kit is in some way chargeable. To create mods, it is necessary to have creation credits, which must be purchased with real money. For example, 1000 creation credits cost around ten dollars.

The Starfield Creation Kit

This new feature of Starfield is not unanimous and the players make it clear!This new feature of Starfield is not unanimous and the players make it clear!

The paid community

This new feature of Starfield is not unanimous and the players make it clear!

It was enough to frustrate thousands of players, impatient to be able to mod Starfield but without spending a Kopeck. “The game already feels incomplete and now they want me to pay more for things that should have already been in the game at launch”, declares a disgruntled Internet user. It is far from being the only one: the day after the update was deployed, review bombing was noted with 200 negative reviews on Steam, then 90 more the next day, and so on.

Issuing a negative rating in order to influence the rating of a game (and therefore the algorithm, then the referencing of the latter) to express one's dissatisfaction is a common practice in the industry: this has already allowed more once to change things in the right direction, the latest example being the case of Helldivers II which forced PC players to create a PlayStation Network account (which was ultimately not the case after enormous bad buzz ). It remains to be seen whether Bethesda will hear from its community about the Starfield Creation Kit.

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