Only a few more months to wait for Apple’s ARVR headset? (January 2023?)

Many were disappointed not to glean information at the last WWDC, and some analysts take the opportunity to make their crystal ball speak. So for weeks (months?), Ming Chi Kuo does not budge! Apple’s mixed reality headset is slated for release in January 2023. This is indeed what he recalls -again- on his blogthis time looking at areas of growth in the ARVR Headsets industry.

To affirm this, he engages in a rapid state places rumors claiming that thehe scene is about to change, with the imminent arrival of Apple in a sector where Meta (Facebook) is already well established. Master Kuo also maintains that the latter played a key role in the growth of the virtual reality industry over the past few years, selling his virtual reality headsets at an affordable price (he would have paved the way for others!).

Today, the public would therefore be older (and would have more financial means, which is good, given the first price estimates for Apple…). And he even believes that a removal of Meta would not really harm the industry. On the contrary, the group could even make a profitreducing its budget and taking advantage of competitive advances, users would also benefit.

Although Apple has repeatedly asserted its penchant for augmented reality, I think its headset will support a seamless video mode which could also provide a great immersive experience! The analyst also describes Apple’s headphones as the most complicated product that Apple has ever designed