OnePlus 12 announces the release of Android 15 Beta 2 developer preview, other models not compatible yet

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Gamingdeputy June 28 news, OnePlus mobile phone official today released Android 15 Beta 2 developer preview program, but only OnePlus 12 is allowed to participate, other models are not supported yet.

What's included in the OnePlus Android 15 developer preview

1. OnePlus 12 Android 15 Beta 2 is a system developed based on Google Android 15 Beta.


2. The Android 15 developer preview version will be adapted to the latest Google GMS package, and native function applications that overlap with the GMS package will no longer be retained.

3.upgrade to After Android 15 Beta 2, the phone storage will be formatted and all data including music and pictures will be cleared. Developers are requested to back up data in advance.

  • 1) ColorOS 14 backup method: Go to the following path to back up your phone data: Settings -> Other Settings -> Backup and Migration -> Local Backup -> New Backup -> Backup Completed;

  • 2) After the backup is completed, the backup file is located in the internal shared storage space Androiddatacom.coloros.backuprestoreBackupplease copy the folder to a computer or other storage device for storage.

How to join the Android 15 developer preview program?

OnePlus Android 15 Beta 2 upgrade package acquisition address:OnePlus 12 Android 15 Beta 2

Flashing method

1. Tutorial on how to update OnePlus 12 stable version to Android 15 Beta 2:


1) This preview version is still in the early stages of development. After upgrading to Android 15 Beta 2, the phone storage will be formatted and all data including music and pictures will be cleared. It is recommended to experience it carefully and make backups.
2) The OnePlus 12 version must be or below to be upgraded to Android 15 Beta. Versions above cannot be upgraded to Android 15 Beta.
  • 1) Before upgrading your phone system, back up your data to a computer or cloud;

  • 2) Download the Android 15 Beta 2 upgrade firmware package through the PC and copy the upgrade firmware package to the root directory of the phone storage;

  • 3) Open the phone's Settings -> About this device -> Version information -> Click the version number 7 times in a row;

  • 4) Open the phone's Settings -> About this device -> “Software Update” card at the top -> “⋮” icon on the upper right -> Click Local Installation -> Click the “≡” menu button in the upper left corner;

  • 5) Click the model name below -> find the compressed package at the bottom of the page, click and select the “Extract Now” button;

  • 6) Wait for the decompression to complete and click the “Install Now” button;

  • 7) Wait for the phone to restart and successfully upgrade to Android 15 Beta 2;

Note: Solution for the above step 4 if you cannot click “Local Installation”:

  • 1) Disconnect the Wi-Fi connection and data service connection;

  • 2) Open the phone's settings – Application management – Application list – click the button in the upper right corner and select “Show system applications” – enter “Software Update” in the search bar – click “Software Update” that is searched – Storage usage – Clear data – OK;

  • 3) Keep the network disconnected and execute step 4 again.

Version Description & Risk Description

OnePlus 12-Android 15 Beta 2 version



・Optimize system stability and fluency

・Fixed the issue of automatic mosaic coding function failing during screenshot preview


・Fixed Bluetooth compatibility issues in certain scenarios

・Fixed some issues with cross-screen connectivity between PC and PAD

・Fixed the issue that the Personal Hotspot may fail to open after changing the security settings


・Fixed some camera function issues in certain scenarios

・Fixed the problem of clipping failure in certain scenes


・Fixed compatibility issues with some third-party applications

Known Issues

  • 1) When playing music, pull down the control center and click the media switch button in the playback control center, and the system interface stops running

  • 2) Air gestures cannot be turned off after being turned on

  • 3) The camera may freeze when switching to high-pixel mode while taking photos

  • 4) When setting the icon style in the wallpaper, the switching between system icons and custom icons fails

  • 5) Probabilistic stability issues exist in some specific scenarios

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