One of the most important games of all time is finally coming to the Playstation 5!

Again and again the PlayStation 5 in the headlines. There are usually new milestones to report regarding sales figures, especially in comparison to Xbox Series X/S. Popular brands like The Last of Us, God of War or Horizon also play an important role in reporting.

And sometimes, after many years, a title makes it onto the Sony console. One of the most important video games of all time is about to officially launch on the PS5. However, the title is not completely foreign to the console.


Minecraft finally on the PS5?

In March we reported that Minecraft will receive its own PS5 version. Although the title could be played on the console up to now, it was “only” the PS4 version. Accordingly, the title did not make use of next-gen features on the current console.

Meanwhile, the virtual sandbox from Mojang has around 15 years To date, Minecraft is one of the most (buy now ) one of the biggest titles in the industry and will soon be seen on the big screen. On our website we have the upcoming movie has been discussed many times.

In September, similar reports had surfaced about a version for the Xbox Series X/S. At the same time, however, people were waiting for an official reveal of the next-gen version of Minecraft. The situation has since changed a little.


When is the PS5 version of Minecraft coming out?

It is now not only officially known that there will be a PS5 version of Minecraft. You can play this version since June 21st Try it out for yourself on the PS5.

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Over a decade after its original release, is this gaming milestone finally coming to the Playstation 5?

Over a decade after the original release: If this Gaming milestone finally for the PlayStation 5?

It seems like one of the most popular video games of all time is officially coming to the Playstation 5.

All you need for the preview version is Minecraft for the PS4. However, you will have to do without multiplayer or the store for now. Realms and the Tricky Trials mode are still available to you. It is unclear when exactly the full update will be released. The length of the test phase also remains a secret for now.

Source: Gamingbolt