Once Human: How to transfer your character or change servers? – Once Human

Ons Human Being a MMO, it says there are many areas in which players can join to evolve together. Only if you are not on the same server as the person you are playing with, you will not be able to form a group. That's why some people are asking the question of a transfer of residence or change of residence of a human being.

How to change server / transfer your route in Ons Human ?

At the appointed time, You can't change your mind in Our Human. So don't hesitate to talk and exchange with your friends before creating your swimming pool so that you can meet on a defined schedule in advance and avoid bad habits. Surprised when you want to grow up.

However, if you plan to play alone, we recommend that you check the status of your servers before making your choice. Indeed, in view of the growing regionality of Ons Humansome sleepers are overloaded and very tired of having threads during sleepovers, which is not the most pleasant way to end the day. Therefore, if you go to a place with average performance, you will see lower performance, referring to the colors (green or yellow).


The other is offered to you and there is the creation of a new resource. Indeed, although it is Important to change a sleep schedule at the moment in Ons Humanyou have the ability to create a new one in order to start a new adventure and join your friends. However, since global regression is linked to sleep, you will have to start from scratch.

A remarkable change of direction in Ons Human ?

However, in a more or less near future, it is impossible that Transfer of rented accommodation. It is clearly indicated on the official site that “ Players are not authorized to transfer a resource from one server to another. “, the mention ” astuеllеment » I suspect that developers are working on functionality.

The majority of MMOs are reimbursing the migration of a refugee, whether it is free or not. Since Humans are free-living, the change in consciousness experiencing a mistranslation would not be surprising. Whatever it is, in view of the demand, Hartry Studión will bring it to life in Humanity for a while, so that the players can get together.

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