On PS5, Sony adds the WORST and BEST game of 2023 demo on the same day to PS Plus

Game news On PS5, Sony adds the WORST and BEST game of 2023 demo on the same day to PS Plus


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Do you remember the demos available in the PS Plus Premium offer? Well, Sony just pulled off the ultimate splits, adding the review version of the best and worst games of 2023.


Since the redesign of PS Plus last year, Premium subscribers to the PlayStation offer can benefit from trial versions of games, time-limited demos of a full title. It is thus possible to discover The Last of Us Part 1 for two hours, God of War Ragnarok (3 hours) or Cyberpunk 2077 over five hours… The catalog is updated fairly regularly and yesterday welcomed two new additions: the version of evaluation of Baldur’s Gate 3 (2h) and another for The Lord of the Rings: Gollum (1h). A funny choice, insofar as the first is a serious candidate for the title of GOTY 2023 (game of the year) | that the second garnered the worst Metacritic rating of the year.

Everything and its opposite

Yes, if you haven’t heard about it, last August saw the arrival of a little video game that made a bit of noise (to put it mildly). The software in question is Baldur’s Gate 3, the now essential C-RPG from studio Larian. Super awaited by fans of the genre, the title ultimately garnered worldwide acclaim, landing the highest Metacritic rating of the year (96/100 tied with another small game, Zelda Tears of the Kingdom). “BG3” is therefore on track to win the GOTY 2023 prize at the Game Awards, but not only that… In total, the software is nominated in eight categories.

On the other side, we find The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, where we play the famous Sméagol in an infiltration adventure game… It’s very simple, the title is the exact opposite of Baldur’s Gate 3, landing the worst Metacritic verdict of the year (34/100). We recognize it as an interesting storyline and that’s about it. Obviously, everything else is wrong: gameplay, technique, bugs of all kinds. The failure was such that Daedalic – the developer – was forced to close its internal studio.

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