Olivier Véran announces the return of the compulsory mask wearing in public places

Olivier Véran announces the return of the compulsory mask wearing in public places

COVID-19 – Wearing masks everywhere indoors. Faced with the 5th wave of Covid-19, the French government took new measures this Thursday, November 25 to counter the growing number of contaminations. Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, was surrounded by Director General of Health Jérôme Salomon and Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer to make a series of announcements.

In addition to the opening of the 3rd dose or booster dose for all French people over 18 years of age or the reduction to 24 hours of the validity of antigenic tests or PCR, the Minister of Health has also recorded the return of the wearing of the mask. compulsory in all public places. As of this Friday, November 26, “a decree will again make it compulsory to wear a mask everywhere indoors in places open to the public, including places where the health pass is requested”.

Indoors and in some cases outdoors

This decree should therefore concern all cultural places – museums, cinemas, theaters or concert halls – but also bars, restaurants and sports halls. Asked about this last case and that of nightclubs, Olivier Véran assured that “the practical conditions and the list of all the establishments concerned” will be “specified in the coming hours.”


And the interior places are not the only ones concerned. Wearing a mask may also be made compulsory in outdoor gathering places, such as Christmas markets in particular. “The prefects will also be empowered to make it compulsory to wear a mask for outdoor events, such as for example Christmas markets”, which will be subject to the health pass, “or second-hand goods,” said Olivier Véran.


A series of measures put in place to “save the holidays”, said the Minister of Health, who for the time being excludes any confinement, curfew, early closure of shops or travel restrictions that the French have already known by the pass.

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