OLEDs, Dyson and SSDs are sometimes significantly cheaper: Saturn celebrates a big SSV

At Saturn, a colorful potpourri of products is now available in the summer sale campaign, some of which are significantly cheaper. We show our bargain favorites in the article. You can always find other current top offers from the web in our deal section.

SSD hard drives from WD and SanDisk – PS5 suitable

If you want to upgrade your old laptop or if you are looking for external and portable storage to secure your data treasures, you can take a look at the current SSD deals from Saturn. These are each 1TB hard drives, whereby the WD storage unit is suitable for internal installation (NVMe, PCI Express 4.0) and the SanDisk hard drive comes with a housing and thus serves as external storage.

The WD Black is also equipped with the appropriate performance in terms of read/write speeds (7000/5300 MB/s) and offers its own heat sink. Overall, it is optimized for gaming and even suitable for use as a memory expansion in a game console like the PlayStation 5.

→ WD Black SN850 (1TB) SSD, suitable for PS5 for now 119 euros
→ SanDisk Extreme Portable (1TB) SSD for now 111 euros

Both hard drives are reduced by almost half or more than half compared to the RRP. In a market comparison, the Saturn offers can convince fundamentally, but are not explicitly the best. The actually as better displayed Amazon offer for the WD Black (110 euros) is currently out of stock. at notebooksbilliger.de it is still available despite the shipping costs (117 euros). This is the gossamer best price. Saturn offers the best price for the SanDisk hard drive.

LG OLEDs on sale: And there are even C models

There are some treasures to be found among Saturn’s TV deals. A closer look is particularly worthwhile for OLED TVs. Here the chaff is often only separated from the wheat in the details. It’s often about the number and types of HDMI slots or the refresh rate in Hertz. Three models of the C17LB series from 2021 from the LG OLED series are now cheaper at Saturn. All are available from Saturn at the current best price – one even well under 1,000 euros. The models differ primarily in their size. The top series of OLED televisions for the mass market is cheaper from time to time, but not as often as the A and B models, which have more promotional prices.

The number stands for the size, the identifier “C17LB” for the technical classification in addition to the principle that it is an OLED television. Their property: Each pixel is illuminated individually, so that a super contrast and real black values ​​are generated. The picture is significantly clearer than with LED or QLED televisions. Above the A and B models, the C devices are the top televisions from LG – apart from the new OLED evo and Signature OLED, some of which have five-digit prices. If that’s still too expensive for you, they still apply to you 450 and 500 euro offers for two NanoCell televisionswhich were last featured in Saturn’s daily specials.

The C models with the purple colored tree in the promotional image, A and B series are identified here by green and red respectively.

The televisions on offer are modern and each offer OLED technology with a refresh rate of 120 Hertz and only HDMI 2.1 slots. Four pieces each. The image is also optimized via Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10 Pro and HLG. For comparison: The usually slightly cheaper OLEDs of the A and B series from LG do not offer as many of the new HDMI slotsare significantly slimmer when it comes to image and sound optimization and only offer 60 Hertz in the case of the A series.

What about the linear tv-enjoyment is not important, you should pay even more attention to modern and future-oriented gaming. Here are the C models from the offer ideal. By the way: Some of the newer OLEDs are now also available as Star Wars versions.

Dyson V8 (2022) Origin: cordless vacuum cleaner at Saturn under 300 euros

This bargain stands out from the household sector: The Dyson V8 Origin, that is the 2022 version of the successful model, once again slipped below the 300 euro mark and costs 299 euros. The vacuum cleaner was only recently so cheap in a daily offer from MediaMarkt. The offer expired a few days ago. Otherwise, the vacuum cleaner has never been available at this price in its short time on the market.

The Dyson V8 Origin is a cordless vacuum cleaner for you if you value efficiency, functionality and high manoeuvrability. And: if you want to do without annoying cable clutter. Because with this you get a very good overall package with a long battery life of 40 minutes. That’s easily enough to clean an 80 square meter apartment in one go. In a larger house, however, the vacuum could run out of breath halfway. Therefore, it is more suitable for smaller households.

To the Dyson offer at Saturn

Cool: With the 30-day money-backwarrantywhich the manufacturer himself puts on top, you can buy the vacuum cleaner without any risk, test it extensively and, in case of doubt, get the money back for the purchase if you don’t like it at all.

Saturn summer sale: This is how long the promotion is valid

Nothing here? You can go directly to the Saturn campaign here and you can browse for suitable offers yourself. The Smartwatch is also highly recommended Garmin Venusthat now again to 169 euros is reduced. All in all, the Saturn campaign with the offers mentioned is still valid for a while, but not forever: On the evening of August 14, that is the Sunday after next, the bargains will end.

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