Official version of ColorOS 14 now available for OPPO Pad Air2 tablet: Introducing new fluid cloud notifications and smart cutouts

Gamingdeputy reported on June 11 that OPPO Pad Air2 has opened the ColorOS 14.0 official version upgrade today, the version number is OPD2301_14.0.0.801, and the system package size is about 591.15MB. The new version is compatible withAndroid 14 System bottom layer, Added new features such as fluid cloud notification and smart cutout.

Gamingdeputy attaches the details of this update as follows:


Update Highlights

Ubiquitous Services

  • A new fluid cloud interaction form has been added, which provides real-time reminders in different forms based on the current service status and content, allowing you to get important information at a glance.

Smart and efficient

  • New smart cutout function, supports identification of multiple subjects in the picture, and can be easily extracted with one click

  • Added the “Open Files Anywhere” feature to support previewing files in various formats on tablets

Smart Connectivity

  • Optimize the cross-terminal synchronization experience of the portable workstation to improve office efficiency.

  • Upgrade My Device to Device Space to centrally manage connected devices and make multi-device control more convenient.

Security and Privacy

  • Added privacy watermark to add protection watermark to ID photos with one click, making photo sharing safer.

  • Optimize photo and video permission management to make application access safer.

Performance Optimization

  • Improve system stability, increase application startup speed, and optimize animation smoothness.

  • Upgraded storage technology, added application compression and file deduplication capabilities, saving system available storage space.

Hydroacoustic Design

  • Added aquatic theme system ringtones, optimized system UI prompt sound effects, and improved sound quality.

  • Optimize system motion effects to bring delicate and smooth motion effect design.


  • Added support for borderless stitching of album pictures

  • Added sidebar area screenshot option

  • Added desktop drawer mode to support first letter fuzzy search

  • New trial version of the application volume adjustment function, enjoy a personalized audio experience

Adaptation details

Compatible models

  • OPPO Pad Air2

Official version number

  • OPPO Pad Air2 —— and above

Application Notes

  • This upgrade will not clear user data, but it is recommended to back up important personal data in advance before upgrading.

  • Within two days after the upgrade, the system background will perform a series of adaptation and optimization actions, which may cause the tablet to heat up, freeze, and consume power quickly. It is recommended that you turn off the screen and charge for 2 hours after the upgrade, then restart the tablet, or it will recover automatically after normal use for a period of time.

  • Public beta users do not need to sign up for the official version, and can upgrade directly to the official version through system push. The test cycle of the internal beta log version varies from 4 to 6 months (may be adjusted accordingly according to test needs), and the official version will be pushed uniformly after the test is completed. Please pay attention to the announcement of the official internal beta group for details.

How to apply

  • Please make sure your tablet version has been upgraded to the basic version,, view the version number: Settings → About this device → Version information → Version number)

  • Please click “Settings → About this device → Top version information (above the “tablet name”) → Settings in the upper right corner → Apply for trial → ColorOS 14.0 official version → Check “I have read and agreed to the Privacy Policy” → Apply now”, and after completing the application, click “Check for updates”, detect and download the installation version to upgrade to ColorOS 14.0.


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