Oculess – releases Oculus Quest from the Facebook requirement

Oculess - releases Oculus Quest from the Facebook requirement

Run vr games without the internet giant’s involvement.

Oculus Quest 2 is a really good vr headset at a low price, but the requirement for a Facebook account has made some people refrain from buying. But now a tool has been released that cleans up the Facebook requirement.

The tool is called Oculess and downloaded from Github. You still need a Facebook account to activate Quest 2, but when done, put the headset in “developer mode”, then you can “sideload” (install from somewhere other than the official Oculus store) tool. When done, you can free your vr piece from the Facebook shackles.

Games and apps can then be sideloaded into the Quest. You can also run SteamVR-based games, but then you must be logged in to the Oculus PC app, writes UploadVR.

Any back then? Yes, you can not access the Oculus Store, Oculus TV, streaming and much more.

Use of Oculess is at your own risk. If you do not know what you are doing – do not do it.


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