NVIDIA: Soaring on the stock market – now also overtaking Microsoft

NVIDIA currently seems unstoppable. Just days after NVIDIA overtook Apple on the stock market, the AI ​​market leaders are now also displacing Microsoft from the top spot.


Lucky for those who bought a big bundle of NVIDIA shares a few years ago, because the AI ​​giants' share price rise seems to have no end. Just two weeks ago, NVIDIA overtook Apple on the stock exchange for the first time, and now the tech company has also overtaken the previous leader Microsoft and is now officially the most valuable company in the world.

After another increase in share price, NVIDIA now has a market value of a whopping $3.33 trillion (yes, really, no mistake). NVIDIA's share price has thus risen by 173 percent this year alone, following the announcement of a cooperation with Hewlett Packard Enterprise on technology for AI use in companies.

The fuel for this rocket is of course NVIDIA's AI technology, which is now the market leader and whose demand is far from over, especially since NVIDIA is also bringing increasingly powerful processors onto the market at a relatively high rate. NVIDIA also made another strong appearance at Computex in Taipei and announced further chip production and collaborations.


Analysts believe that NVIDIA's rise is far from over and believe it is very likely that the company will be able to reach and maintain a market value of four trillion dollars in the long term. Even the five trillion dollar mark is quite plausible. NVIDIA has such a big lead over the competition that it is almost pointless for them to start an expensive catch-up race.

NVIDIA boss Jensen Huang also has reason to be happy. The innovative company boss climbed to 12th place on the list of the richest people on the planet with an estimated fortune of 115 billion US dollars.

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