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Rospotrebnadzor pointed out the benefits of champignons for diabetics

The leading expert of the CMD Center for Molecular Diagnostics of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor Denis Bukhantsev told the Russians about the unexpected beneficial properties of champignons. His words are quoted by the publication “Healthy food”.

Bukhantsev pointed out that, due to its low calorie content and rapidly digestible proteins, the mushroom is often used in diet recipes. According to the expert, champignons are quite capable of replacing meat. “It is enough to include mushrooms in your diet two or three times a week, and the effectiveness of the diet will increase. At the same time, mushrooms in the diet should be no more than 150-200 grams per day, ”he explained.

In addition, the expert noted the benefits of champignons for diabetics. Mushrooms, he said, have a very low glycemic index – only 15 units – and the vitamins and minerals they contain help the liver, pancreas and other endocrine glands, improve insulin production and regulate carbohydrate metabolism.

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Also, Bukhantsev continued, champignons contain as much phosphorus as seafood, and B vitamins, which are enough in the product, have a beneficial calming effect on the nervous system, and also participate in the normalization of lipid metabolism. “So, eating mushrooms can help lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and stroke. Another trace element contained in champignons – potassium – is an excellent vasodilator, which means it also helps to reduce blood pressure and strengthen blood vessels, ”he explained.

At the same time, the expert warned, mushrooms are difficult to digest by the body due to the chitin contained in the cell walls, so you should not eat too much of them. In addition, Bukhantsev concluded, it is recommended to abandon these mushrooms for pancreatitis and gastritis, liver diseases, allergies to vegetable protein and individual intolerance.

Earlier, the host of the Kingdom of Mushrooms program on the Living Planet TV channel, Dmitry Tikhomirov, told the Russians about the rules for searching and cooking the first spring mushrooms – morels. In a conversation with, he advised looking for them in aspen forests and under apple trees in orchards, and stew them with cream.