Numerama embarks on a fresh journey

(Editorial) A somewhat special article today to announce my departure. A big thank you to all of you who have followed my work and that of the editorial staff in recent years. See you soon!

Covid has changed many things in our practices, and not only because this period has put web media at the heart of the lives of French men and women, multiplying our audiences (I reported at the time an increase of +156% in sessions). The disease, which is still very present in the world, has also distorted space-time in an almost incomprehensible way. Who realizes that more than four years have passed since the first markers of the epidemic?


The editorial team has grown a lot

Talented and demanding (and funny) journalists

I am also happy to have been able to supervise and support such talented, but also caring and supportive journalists.

For my part, I will give you news, of course. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter Or Bluesky (yes, it still exists, Maxime!).

When we ask Nino for help in making a cover image for "my last article on Numerama"...
When I asked Nino for help to make a cover image for “my latest article on Numerama”…

It is unthinkable to give up

I leave with peace of mind, knowing that they are committed to continuing this mission, when we need demanding and diligent journalists more than ever. It's neither fun nor easy every day. Do not give in to the easy way, ask yourself why you do things and be aware of your impact in the world. Questioning technological solutionism, innovation, monopolies should not be seen as a rejection of progress, but a necessary need to build livable futures.

There are values ​​on which we must be uncompromising: anti-racism, feminism, anti-colonialism. We must reject xenophobia, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia without any concession. Tomorrow, it is the lives of millions of French citizens, our lives, that will be in danger. On the front line against hatred.


As Adèle Haenel has pointed out, depoliticizing reality means repoliticizing it for the benefit of the oppressor. Neutrality is not an option. The only thing that should scare us is the acceptance of a society that would descend into fascism. It is unthinkable to give up.