Nostalgia Alert: Long-awaited Sequel to Iconic Disaster Film Released 28 Years Later

This is good news for fans of disaster films! 28 years later, this classic of the genre will finally see a sequel.

Twister, released in 1994, is not an excellent film but remains popular among fans of the disaster genre. We follow two scientists who go in pursuit of the most violent tornado Oklahoma has ever seen to gather information. The sequel signed by Universal is called Twisters and takes place 20 years after the first opusand the trailer was presented during the Super Bowl.


Mother nature takes back her rights

This sequel takes place 20 years after the events of the first film. The two scientists were able to create a tornado prevention system by gathering enough information from the threat they were tracking. The device is called Antheia and has saved many lives, but mother nature will find a way around it. The trailer introduces us to the new team of researchers played by Glen Powell, Daisy Edgar-Jones and Anthony Ramos. We have little information, but this trailer still allows us to get to know Tyler Owens, star of Tornado Chasers, as well as the duo Kate and Javi, his partner. The scientist was traumatized by an encounter with a natural disaster, a scene we see in the trailer.

In this second adventure, the goal is to continue the research of the protagonists of the first film, who are Jo and Bill Harding, respectively played by Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton, who died in 2017. We also see the “Dorothy” machine of the two scientists from the first part which allows us to analyze the inside of a tornado , a nice wink for the fans. You will have noticed, this new opus is called “Twisters” and for good reason, we see two tornadoes whirling side by side, which does not bode well. The title promises to be a must-have for the summer since it hits theaters on July 19.

Where have the disaster blockbusters gone?

With Twisters, Universal marks the return of a genre of film that is starting to become rare in Hollywood cinema. In 2023, disaster feature films have become more than discreet even if some have been able to satisfy themselves with the entertaining Acid by Just Philippot. The last real blockbuster featuring a planet Earth in danger is Greenland by Ric Roman Waugh and his comet Clarke with its numerous debris which destroys the world. We are far from the golden age of the genre, when we know that during certain years, seven big productions of this type could land in theaters. We can draw a quick conclusion by saying that the Hollywood strike has put a damper on disaster films. So let’s hope that Twisters marks a new beginning for this genre.