Nomad Leather Cases for iPhone 15: FineWoven’s Worst Nightmare

The iPhone 15 is here, and buyers looking to pair their new phone with a leather case will be out of luck—at least if they plan to bring home an official phone from Apple. But why would you even need it when Nomad is back with another version of its popular leather case. Retaining the title of 9to5Toys’ favorite leather iPhone case, we’re sharing it below.

Detailed review of Nomad leather cases for iPhone 15

Nomad is back with its latest batch of iPhone 15 cases. While we’ll be looking at more of the company’s models in the near future, today we’re talking about the signature leather style. Nomad’s bread and butter is dressing up your devices with premium leather cases, and now the company is back with some updated accessories to complement Apple’s new offerings.


These things couldn’t have come at a better time either. The iPhone 15 hits store shelves on Friday, with the new FineWoven cases arriving right before it. FineWoven is Apple’s answer to a carbon-neutral future, replacing the brand’s usual leather accessories. These cases didn’t make the best first impressions, leaving regular Apple leather case buyers to choose mediocre models or look elsewhere. And after spending some time with Nomad’s new iPhone 15 leather cases this past weekend, I really hope they look elsewhere.

Nomad won’t change much this year, other than simply updating the cases to match the new shape of the iPhone 15. The cases continue to be made from two different types of leather, adding to the company’s signature Horween use with more affordable in-house leather. They also retail for $70 and $50 respectively. I was sent one each, with the Horween Country Brown leather paired with the standard English I Tan style hide.

I’ve been using both since I received my iPhone 15 Pro on Friday and am once again impressed.

My main point at this point is that Nomad’s standard leather iPhone 15 case will already be sufficient for most buyers. It’s super soft and comes in three different designs, offering the premium feel that customers have come to expect from Apple. But there is a Horween leather version that provides an even more premium look. That said, it’s definitely much softer in construction and has a level of polish that’s far superior to what we’ve seen from third-party accessories in the past. It’s also a little more durable than the standard leather option.


I tossed the phone into my purse for a weekend trip around town and found the Horween case to look absolutely pristine after a few days of use. On the other hand, Nomad’s standard iPhone 15 leather case showed a little more wear and tear. Nothing that detracts from the overall appearance, but enough to tell that it has been used by someone.

Each of the new Nomad cases comes with rubber bumpers that help keep the leather back panel in place on your device. This part of the cover is a little softer than previous years and matches the metal buttons very well. Everything from the sleep/wake button to the volume switches and Apple’s new action button is made from high-quality material, completing Nomad’s commitment to enhancing the look of your device. Yes, and MagSafe comes standard for them too.

One of the main reasons Apple says it is eliminating leather from its lineup is to achieve carbon neutrality. The stakes are certainly higher for a multi-trillion dollar company, but that doesn’t mean Nomad isn’t doing its part to build a more sustainable world. The company has been offsetting carbon emissions for the past three years and has no plans to stop. Here’s what he has to say about sustainability in general, which is covered in more detail on the Nomad website.


Since 2020, we have partnered with Climate Neutral to offset 100% of our carbon emissions. This includes emissions resulting from the production and delivery of our products, our supply chain, employee commutes, business travel and utility bills. We strive to reduce and offset our carbon footprint every year.

Apple’s commitment to becoming truly carbon neutral is certainly commendable, but buying a leather case doesn’t mean you’re supporting a company that isn’t focused on sustainability.

Taking 9to5Toys

As more and more iPhone 15 owners look to fill the void of leather goods being pulled off Apple’s shelves with their own original accessories, Nomad is up to the task. If you had asked me in years past, I would have advised you to skip the official decisions altogether, but now that’s not even an option. Nomad certainly has a lot to gain from having one less competitor in the industry, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t already the best leather iPhone case on the market.

I’ve been checking Nomad’s cases for about fifty years now and have been impressed year after year. I’ve seen them develop a patina over time, and with each new iPhone I still go back to the tried and true leather cases. But that’s where I was mentally last year. Sorry for sounding like a broken watch.

Where Nomad really breaks new ground is in its competition with other covers. Apple’s decision to completely eliminate the use of leather from its stable would not have been so bold if it actually had a reliable alternative material. It doesn’t look like FineWoven is up to the task. Below you will find a photo of my Nomad case next to some Apple store displays. The results speak for themselves in my book.


So if you’re disappointed by FineWoven’s promise or just want to pair your iPhone 15 with the best leather case, there’s only one answer. Receive one of the Nomad cases. The standard $50 leather offering will suit most, and anyone who wants a little more of a premium experience by spending an extra $20 on the $70 Horween style won’t be disappointed.