Nintendo Switch video game officially postponed

Unfortunately, today we have to deal with a very well-known Nintendo Switch video game. There is talk of an official postponement that disappoints fans

News that, for all fans, sounds of discouragement. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on one of the most anticipated video games for Nintendo Switch, but sadly it won’t. It was shared directly by theCoatsink publisher and give it developer Noio which confirmed today’s sad news.

Nintendo Switch confirms video game postponement (source nintendo)

Something that sees precisely the postponement of the Switch version of a very particular and unique game of its kind. Much awaited by the players, it was almost finished as its release was initially scheduled for May 12. But, later on, fate was mocking and bitter for the players. Not just for games, Nintendo has been dealing with a small drawback also with regard to its legendary Switch.

An unexpected postponement that of the Nintendo Switch video game

The future of the Japanese company is really important, consider that too Kanye West proposed a new project. Coatsink therefore stated that the cause of this delay is a backend problem. No me with Coatsink they say they are very sorry for the situation that has arisen. They certainly couldn’t wait to release a project they worked hard on. Something in which the main settings are there scenes of urban decay.

Nintendo Switch confirms video game postponement
Nintendo Switch confirms video game postponement (source Coatsink)

Most likely it is a delay that won’t go too far. This is what all those who waited with great anxiety for the arrival of Cloud Gardens. A game that should have, as we said a little earlier, come the May 12, 2022. Unfortunately, however, it is precisely because of this problem that it will be necessary to wait longer than expected.

At first the developers did not say which will be the second scheduled launch date. Despite everything, they are keen to know that they will try to keep fans informed about any kind of development. For the moment, however, this is how things are and fans must put their souls at peace.

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