Nintendo Switch: million dollar settlement in the Yuzu emulator legal dispute

The Switch emulator Yuzu, among other things, caused The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to be pirated over a million times, which is why Nintendo filed a lawsuit. Now there is apparently already a million dollar settlement in the process.


The Switch emulator Yuzu was originally released in 2018, a few months after the release of the Nintendo Switch itself. The software made it possible for Switch games to be played on computers or smartphones – including the blockbuster The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Nintendo recently initiated a legal dispute against the Yuzu makers because Tears of the Kingdom alone had been pirated over a million times using Yuzu – not to mention other Switch titles and the resulting damage. What initially sounded like a time-consuming and long legal process now turns out to be a quick fix.

The lawsuit against the Yuzu makers is said to have already been settled as they have reached a settlement with Nintendo. This provides for a compensation payment to Nintendo of $2.4 million as well as a permanent injunction, which would make the Yuzu emulator a thing of the past. Further distribution of the emulator is strictly prohibited, as is marketing or mentions via social media. The domain name should also be given up.


Nintendo and the Yuzu creators of Tropic Haze have filed settlement documents with the court after Nintendo alleged copyright infringement, circumvention of the Switch's protections and the sale of these circumvention technologies. In order for the settlement that has now been reached to finally settle the proceedings, the approval of a judge is still necessary.

The Japanese are thus further underlining their reputation for taking strict action against the violation of their own IP rights. Various proceedings have already been carried out in this regard in the past, including against piracy websites such as RomUnivers, which were also ordered to pay damages of over $2 million. The Switch hacker Gary Bowser was even booked for selling Switch hacks. His sentence has now expired, but he still owes Nintendo $10 million in damages.

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