Nintendo Breaks the Silence on Metroid Prime 4

The time has finally come! Nintendo is getting down to business and showing the first scenes from Metroid Prime 4: Beyond. Switch players have been waiting for years for Samus' adventure to continue. You can watch the video right at the top of the article.

Nintendo shows Metroid Prime 4: Beyond

The Nintendo Direct offered only a few real highlights, but at the end there was a huge surprise. After years of waiting, Switch players can now enjoy the first video scenes from Metroid Prime 4: Beyond delight.


And the short trailer is indeed impressive. Metroid Prime 4: Beyond may not win a prize for bombastic graphics, but what the developers have achieved with the now over seven year old Nintendo Switch speaks for itself.

In the trailer, bounty hunter Samus Aran shoots all kinds of alien enemies, navigates through narrow corridors and faces an old enemy at the end: Syluxwho pursues Samus in the secret credits of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Nintendo announces rough release date for Metroid Prime 4

At the end of the trailer, Nintendo also reveals when Switch players can expect Metroid Prime 4: Beyond after all these years: The time will finally come in 2025There is no more precise information yet. It is quite possible that Switch players will have to wait over a year for the new Metroid. But we are keeping our fingers crossed that Nintendo will give fans relief in the spring of next year.

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond may also be one of the Launch games for the Nintendo Switch 2Of course, Nintendo did not comment on the next generation of consoles during the Direct. However, it is likely that the successor to the long-running console will also be launched next year.


More importantly, Nintendo has not forgotten about Metroid Prime 4 – and it seems that the wait will soon be over.