NextNinja Launches “Girls & Panzer Voice Alarm!” Smartphone App

NextNinja has started distributing the smartphone alarm app “Girls & Panzer Voice Alarm!”. The price is 900 yen for the set, which includes the additional voice and illustrations by Miho Nishizumi.



■Panzer Four from good morning to good night!

From the TV anime “Girls & Panzer” comes the alarm app “Girls & Panzer Voice Alarm!” Ho Nishizumi will notify you of the time with a newly recorded voice exclusive to this app, supporting a comfortable morning.


■Lots of wallpaper illustrations and 300 words of newly recorded voices!

Create your own alarm by combining voices and illustrations.

*The number of recorded illustrations and voices includes additional charges.



■Full of useful functions! Here are some ways to use alarms and timers!

“Girls & Panzer Voice Alarm!” is packed with useful functions.

・Function 1 “Alarm”
Play a voice at a fixed time! A highly functional alarm that can be set to repeat by day of the week, snooze, and set multiple alarms. I want to create my own alarm by setting my favorite voice and illustration.

・Function 2 “Timer”
You can set a timer in seconds and announce the time using your favorite voice. Voices can also be set randomly.

・Function 3 “Album: Illustration”
Contains all key visuals from the TV series to the latest work. And…that famous scene too! You can see many wallpaper illustrations.

・Function 4 “Album: Voice”
You can enjoy plenty of newly recorded voices exclusive to this app. Including additional purchases, the total number is 300 words. You can listen to your favorite voice anytime.

・Function 5 “Shop”
For those who want even more voices and illustrations, we have prepared additional packs. The additional pack also includes newly drawn illustrations exclusive to the alarm app.

・Function 6 “Settings”
On the settings screen, you can decide the wallpaper illustration for the top screen and the voice that plays when you tap the top screen.


■Furthermore…custom wallpaper function is also included!

The custom wallpaper feature allows you to create original wallpapers by combining materials you own. Not only can you enlarge or reduce the size, but you can also freely place the clock.


■Introducing Ho Nishizumi’s unique voice!

★Nishizumiho (CV. Mai Fuchigami)
·good morning. Get up please.
·Please hurry! There are still possibilities!
・There’s still time, so let’s go slowly.
·sorry. I just forgot to wake her up…
・When you overslept, prepare for the worst and be optimistic!


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