NextNinja and aNCHOR hold Juya collaboration event for “Operation Santa Claus” at “Muv-Luv: Dimensions”

NextNinja and aNCHOR have announced that Muv-Luv: Dimensions, an action RPG for smartphones in the Muv-Luv series, will be holding a collaboration event with Toshiya titled “Operation Santa Claus” after maintenance on December 5th.



■Kotobukiya collaboration event “Operation Santa Claus” will be held after maintenance on December 5th

After maintenance on December 5th, the Kotobukiya collaboration event “Operation Santa Claus” (abbreviation: OP.SC) will be held. Kotobukiya, which created many tactical aircraft plastic models for the Muv-Luv series, has finally entered the world of Mab D! Enjoy the special Christmas-only story told by Immortals and Mr. Gensui, who is in charge of planning for Kotobukiya.

●Kotobukiya collaboration event “Operation Santa Claus” synopsis
Kotobukiya and the private military company Immortals have teamed up to sell tactical aircraft plastic models during the Christmas sales season! However, the Japanese government says “wait” because the plastic models contain military secrets. In order to force sales, they started “Operation Santa Claus,” in which a guard acts as Santa and delivers tactical aircraft plastic models to children. Will the Immortals be able to deliver dreams to the children suffering from BETA?

●Event-limited soldiers and tactical aircraft are now available!
[SSR]Mana Tsukuyomi (DC-02)


[SSR]Ilfriede von Feulner (DC-03)

[SR]Martika Vyachenova (DC-02)

[SSR tactical aircraft]Rafale

[SSR]Kriska Vyachenova (DC-02)

[SSR]Inia Shestina (DC-03)

[SR]Stella Bremel (DC-01)

[SR]Wilfried von Eichberger (DC-02)

*Event reward

[SR tactical aircraft]Su-27 Jurabrik

*Event reward
*Please check the official “Muv-Luv: Dimensions” SNS for details on the character release schedule.


■Win “Fubuki Japanese Empire Specification”! Kotobukiya collaboration event “OP.SC” commemorative RP campaign

From 19:00 on December 5th, “Muvluv: Dimensions” official X (@Muvluv_DMS) will hold an RP campaign commemorating the Kotobukiya collaboration event “OP.SC”, where you can win a Kotobukiya tactical aircraft plastic model every day. On the final day, there will be a special “Kotobukiya collaboration commemorative set” (“Fubuki Japanese Empire Specification” x 1, “70th Anniversary 1/300 Juya Building Plastic Model” x 1, “1/144 BETA Interceptor Class” x 1, “1/ 144 BETA tank class (set of 4) x 1) will be awarded to one person.

●Event period
December 5th 19:00 – December 13th 18:59

●How to participate
① Follow “Muvluv: Dimensions” Official X (@Muvluv_DMS)
② Repost the specified post

①Kotobukiya plastic model
・For details on daily prizes, please check the official website of Muv-Luv: Dimensions.
②Amazon gift card
・Amazon gift card worth 10,000 yen x 1 person
・Amazon gift card worth 1000 yen x 30 people


■All episodes of the anime “Total Eclipse” and “Schwarzesmarken” are now available for free for a limited time!

All episodes of the anime “Total Eclipse” and “Schwarzesmarken” are available for free for a limited time on the official Anime Times YouTube channel.

▼Anime Times official YouTube channel

▼Free release period
・Total Eclipse: November 15th 18:00 – December 15th 18:00
・Schwarzesmarken: November 25th 18:00 – December 26th 12:00
*Ending time may change due to circumstances.

▼Anime Times
You can watch the above two works at any time on Anime Times.

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