New Xbox Feature Released by Microsoft Surprises Consumers

Microsoft is currently working on an AI chatbot that will be used in various areas in the future, including Xbox customer support.

Microsoft: AI chatbot for Xbox instead of employees?

In recent months, several companies, including Microsoft, have decided to part ways with numerous employees. It remains unclear whether this has already impacted customer support at Xbox. However, it is clear that Microsoft is working on one AI-controlled chatbot works to achieve future cost savings (Source: The Verge).


The AI ​​assistant, called “Xbox Support Virtual Agent,” is currently being tested by Microsoft. If the tests are successful, the virtual assistant could be in the future Handle Xbox customer requestswhether it's console related or subscription issues.

Xbox general manager Haiyan Zhang has revealed that the internal prototype will use an animated character model capable of querying Xbox support topics via voice or text. With this AI assistant, Microsoft aims to help players easier and faster by taking information from existing Xbox support pages. Whether this venture will ultimately be successful remains to be seen. However, it is important to note that AI systems also make mistakes can, such as in the case of Final Fantasy 14 Online.

Xbox players have had access to the MMORPG since March 2024. The fans now populate the cities, residential areas and instances. But for some, the dream ended quickly, thanks to an AI.

Microsoft is working on a major AI offensive

AI has already been an important topic at Microsoft in the past. A few months ago, the Windows 11 “Copilot” update was released, introducing nearly 200 new features and powered by AI to provide customers with tailored capabilities. However, Microsoft is also working on other projects in this area.


Get a first impression of Copilot: