New Video Released featuring Yasuke and Naoe from “Assassin’s Creed Shadows”

The latest work in the popular series “Assassin's Creed Shadows” had its long-awaited debut last night, and revealed that it will feature the dual protagonists of Yasuke, an African-born samurai who served Nobunaga, and Naoe, Shinobu Iga. While there are high expectations for the release of the latest work that depicts Japan from 1579 to the early 1980s (reference: Honnoji Incident is 1582), Ubisoft has announced that the main characters of this work, “Yasuke” and “Naoe”, will be revealed. We have released an explanatory video that allows you to see very interesting details such as their origins and relationships, their completely different characteristics, their historical approach, and the influence of Japanese culture including the panel layout of manga.

In addition, creative director Jonathan Dumont and assistant director Akim Milne, who lead the development of this work, unravel last night's cinematic trailer, including various locations, historical background including Nobunaga's appearance, grappling hook and stealth. An explanatory video has appeared that mentions the game mechanics, Naoe's Assassin Blade, which functions as a ninja-like reverse-handed sword.


Assassin's Creed Shadows

Enjoy your own way

The choice between ninja and samurai is up to the player. Master the complementary play styles of the two vividly depicted protagonists.

  • Naoe: Naoe, who is an Iga person and trained as a ninja assassin, leaves her hometown to fulfill a promise and sets out on a journey to take revenge through Hinomoto.
  • Yasuke: After completing his training to become a samurai, Yasuke discovers a new path to take while wishing to defeat the villain he holds a grudge against in the past.

To Japan during the Sengoku period

From gorgeous castle towns and bustling ports to tranquil shrines and idyllic mountain villages, you can fully explore Japan during the Warring States period in a stunning open world. The weather changes suddenly and the seasons change. Advance your adventure in an environment that changes depending on the situation.

Become a ninja assassin

Naoe is quick and flexible and can use light, shadow, and sound to change the environment and blind her enemies. Distract guards with kunai, shuriken, and smokescreens, infiltrate enemy strongholds with grappling hooks and finesse, and assassinate your target with a blow from your hidden blade.

Become a legendary samurai

An overwhelmingly powerful samurai, Yasuke slashes at his enemies with his proud strength and precise aim. Use his advanced combat skills to attack, block, and parry to defeat your enemies. He skillfully wields a variety of weapons, including swords, metal clubs, bows, and naginata, to defeat those plotting in Hinomoto.

Information source and image:Ubisoft