New Version of Mesa Released: Mesa 24.1, an Open-source Implementation of OpenGL and Vulkan

Published release of a free implementation of the OpenGL and Vulkan API – Mesa 24.1.0. The first release of the Mesa 24.1.0 branch has an experimental status – after the final stabilization of the code, a stable version 24.1.1 will be released.

Mesa 24.0 provides support for the Vulkan 1.3 graphics API in anv for Intel GPUs, radv for AMD GPUs, NVK for NVIDIA GPUs, tu for Qualcomm GPUs, in the lavapipe software rasterizer (lvp), and in emulator mode (vn). Vulkan 1.0 support is implemented in the v3dv (Broadcom VideoCore VI GPU from Raspberry Pi 4) and dzn (Vulkan implementation on top of Direct3D 12) drivers.


Also in Mesa provided full OpenGL 4.6 support for iris (Intel GPU Gen 8+), radeonsi (AMD), Crocus (old Intel Gen4-Gen7 GPU), zink, llvmpipe, virgl (virgil3D virtual GPU for QEMU/KVM), freedreno (Qualcomm Adreno) drivers , d3d12 (a layer for organizing OpenGL work on top of DirectX 12) and asahi (AGX GPU used in Apple M1 and M2 chips). OpenGL 4.5 support is available for AMD (r600) and NVIDIA (nvc0) GPUs. OpenGL 3.3 support is present in the softpipe (software rasterizer) and nv50 (NVIDIA NV50) drivers.

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