New Version 6.0 of Alibaba Cloud Disk Official Website Released with Integrated “File” Function; Third-Party Application Access Package Not Yet Available

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Gamingdeputy reported on June 28th,Alibaba Cloud Disk 6.0 is now available for download on the official websiteThe new version has adjusted the functions. The “Backup Disk” and “Resource Library” have been integrated into the “File” entrance, and the functional modules such as “Recently Saved”, “Recently Viewed” and “Share Updates” have been upgraded.

Gamingdeputy tested that the Alibaba Cloud Disk 6.0 version currently provided by the official website only supports Android The new version is available for download and use, and the iOS version is not yet available. The overall design style of the new version is more streamlined than the old version, the space occupied by the homepage function section is reduced, and the previous separate design of “backup disk” and “resource library” has also been unified.


▲ Alibaba Cloud Disk 6.0 new version homepage

▲ Alibaba Cloud Disk old version homepage

A new function area is added at the top of the new version of the file area, with five options: “Device”, “Lucky Bottle”, “File Printing”, “Address Book” and All Tools, which provide login device backup information management, resource sharing/acquisition, printing documents/photos/ID photos, and address book backup functions.

The note and friend transfer functions have been integrated into all tools, and the function area does not currently support custom arrangement.


In the current version, the three-party rights package has not yet been launched, and the membership center maintains the three rights purchase entrance states of “Super Member”, “Large Capacity Package” and “Excess Capacity”.

The update announcement of Alibaba Cloud Disk 6.0 shows that:The third-party application rights package will be launched in mid-July.Currently, the known functions of this equity package are as follows:

Special feature

  • Official WebDAV

  • Official mount disk

Exclusive benefits

  • Maximum file upload size 1TB

  • Number of files transferred at a time: 20,000

  • Third-party high-speed download traffic

  • Third-party HD transcoding clarity

  • The validity period of the recycling bin is extended to 60 days

The third-party rights package that will be launched soon will affect the use of some functions of third-party applications connected to Alibaba Cloud Disk. Users who have not activated the rights package will be subject to certain restrictions.

also,Alibaba Cloud Disk's “Third-Party Application Rights Package” and the client's existing “SVIP Super Membership” are two sets of rights.The “Benefits Package” provides the rights to upload, download, and more when using the cloud disk in third-party applications, while the “SVIP Super Member” focuses more on the rights to use the cloud disk on mobile and computer clients.

The current benefits of Alibaba Cloud Disk Super Members are as follows:

It is worth mentioning that Alibaba Cloud Disk official website has launched a variety of Alibaba Cloud Disk clients, covering a variety of system devices, including the “Cloud Player” for Apple TV. The specific client content is as follows:

  • iOS Client

  • Android Client

  • iPad Client

  • Web version

  • Desktop (PC / Mac)

  • Cloud Disk Player-Ali Version (Android TV Version)

  • Dangbei player

  • Cloud Player (Apple TV version)

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