New Playstation Plus, watch out for prepaid cards: the rules change

The new Playstation Plus brings a very important change when it comes to prepaid cards. Be careful.

There was a really important change for the universe Playstation with the arrival of what we can define as the new Playstation Plus. Abandoning the old way and merging Plus And Now, the Japanese company has decided to make very important changes to its videogame offer, pushing to package a new type of system. Since everyone, absolutely everyone, has underlined the incredible quality of the Game Pass and the quality-price ratio that characterizes the service of Microsoft, Sony has decided to make a counter move. And then to create your own pass in turn.

New Playstation Plus, pay attention to prepaid cards: the rules change

As we all know for a few days now the new type of service has been available in Europe, which includes 3 different types of Playstation Plus. Essential, which basically offers all the advantages of the old subscription. Then there is the plan Extra, which also grants access to a large collection of PS4 and PS5 titles, to download and play whenever you want. Finally, there is the plan Premiumwhich also allows you to access a huge catalog of PS1, PS2, PS3 classics, to play in the cloud on console or on PC, and to have extended demos of the main titles coming to consoles.

Playstation Plus prepaid cards change

In addition to completely changing the user experience based on the tier to which he is a subscriber and the price he has therefore decided to pay, the rules for being able to renew or extend his subscription also change. First, by purchasing a physical or digital Playstation Plus codeyou received a serial that once added to the appropriate area of ​​the PS Store allowed you to unlock thecorresponding subscription. Now there has been a change.

Playstation Plus logo

Although you buy a Playstation Plus card, the serial we are going to add will unlock some funds in the wallet, and is therefore comparable to a top-up card for the Ps wallet. Once the funds have been added, we can then purchase the subscription we want. So pay attention to what you buy and continually compare the prices between cards and top-ups, because now they are practically the same thing. Also on the Sony store you can today buy a crazy adventure for just 6 euros.

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