New Nvidia RTX 40 Graphics Cards, Spec Details

There is talk of the new Nvidia RTX 40 graphics cards. The details regarding the specifications of the new entries are to make your eyes roll.

A huge return is the one that sees Nvidia as its protagonist, a company that will soon introduce some video cards RTX Series 40from very high quality. Based on what we can read online, it seems that the new RTX 4090 even has one major core than we have been able to use in the past.

Details of new Nvidia RTX 40 graphics cards (source Nvidia)

An element that, therefore, makes a leap forward compared to the previous ones by passing from 16,128 CUDA core to 16,384 CUDA cores. Other details inherent to this video card seem to be the same ones we have already learned about. Look at the list of Nvidia GeForce NOWfree games galore.

Nvidia RTX 40, the specifications of the new graphics cards

Some graphics cards, due to the Bitcoin crisis, they have reached ridiculous prices. An upcoming model that will be a real one flagship for NVIDIA RTX 40 Series. Something that has an energy consumption that touches, in its maximum, 450 W. It is a product that will be offered on the market together with 24 GB type memory GDDR6Xwhich does not lack a speed to use to transfer Ben’s data 21Gbps. The RTX 4070 will then see an upgrade regarding its specs, moving to 10GB of RAM with an increase in the memory bus to 160-bit. A video card in which there is no shortage of 7168 Cuda Core.

New Nvidia RTX 40 graphics card details
Details of new Nvidia RTX 40 graphics cards (source twitter)

An unprecedented object that, for sure, will be appreciated by most of the fans. This is a great leap forward for the company, which intends to always offer its users the best. Based on what we can read from some news published by the insider Kopiteit seems that the RTX 4080 is the only one that bases its operation on AD103 GPU. And that it will be available 30 days after the launch of the RTX 4090.

The same Kopite claims that, the RTX 4080, possesses well 10,240 CUDA cores with 16GB of VRAM. We are talking about a graphics card which, most likely, will not rely on GDDR6X as happened with the RTX 4090. Let’s see if, in the next few days, new news will arrive.

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