New Life is Strange: Double Exposure Gameplay Video Released, Game Launching in October

Deck Nine Games and Square Enix's new game, “Life is Strange: Double Exposure,” has been announced as a sequel that will tell the new story of Max, who has grown into an adult woman after the harsh events of the first game. As anticipation builds for its release on October 30th, Square Enix held a live broadcast last night to unveil the latest game, showing just under 20 minutes of full-scale gameplay footage.

Following the conclusion of the first game, Max left Arcadia Bay and became a successful photographer during her travels, eventually becoming a lecturer at a prestigious university in northern Vermont. In addition to seeing how much she's grown up, she also gains the ability to peek into parallel worlds and the ability to “Shift” to travel between the two worlds. The game also features murder mystery-style gameplay, such as the mysterious murder of Max's best friend, Saffi, and the fact that Max is confused and bewildered by the vast amount of conversation and clues that come with being in the parallel worlds as he investigates two cases at the same time, traveling between the world where Saffi was killed and the world where she is still alive (but in danger), as well as the fact that the game is packed with murder mystery-style gameplay. The video also contains some very interesting details, such as an introduction that provides all the necessary past information to make the game enjoyable even for first-time players, and an explanation of how past choices are reflected for existing players (a system that naturally introduces past developments through conversations with Saffi). Check out the latest video below to see what other interesting details are available.


Archive of the debut live stream featuring Hannah Telle, who plays Max

Extended video that compiles only gameplay from the unveiling broadcast

Reference: The dubbed announcement trailer for Double Exposure was released recently

Life is Strange: Double Exposure

“Life is Strange: Double Exposure” is an adventure game in which you solve mysteries using psychic powers.

The protagonist is Max, a photography instructor at Caledon College in northern Vermont. After witnessing the death of her best friend, Safi, she suddenly acquires the mysterious power to travel to parallel worlds and use it to uncover the truth behind the murder.

In another world that Max can travel to, his best friend Saffi, who was thought to have been killed, is still alive.

Although the events that occur in the two worlds are different, by using Max's abilities to connect the worlds, it will be possible to accomplish things that would not be possible in either world alone, and it will bring us closer to the truth of the incident.

As you progress through the story, you will be faced with numerous choices to make through Max, and you must make them carefully, as once a choice is made, you cannot go back in time and choose again.

However, a choice that seems good now may not necessarily lead to good results in the future.


Max has the ability to sense the existence of parallel worlds and can peek into what other worlds are like.

Furthermore, she is able to travel between two worlds – the world of the dead and the world of the living – with her best friend Safi.

By using your abilities to connect the two worlds, such as investigating the movements of suspicious people from another world without being noticed, or obtaining objects in one world and moving them to the other, you will get closer to the truth of the incident.

Character introduction

Max Caulfield

A photographer and introvert, he is a lecturer at Caledon University.

He has been studying photography since high school and has even won some small awards and attracted attention.

Although he was involved in an incident in the past and carries deep trauma, he is building friendships in his new environment and slowly beginning to move forward.

Safi Fayad

A graduate student at Caledon University and Max's friend, he has literary talent and aspires to be a poet.

He is the opposite of Max, being a prankster and playful guy who teases him at every opportunity, but he also trusts him deeply as a dear friend. He was found murdered one night while observing the stars.