New Leaks About Assassin’s Creed Codename Red: Game Systems and Engine Details Revealed

While waiting forUbisoft officially communicates again on the video game future of the license Assassin's Creedprobably not before May or June to introduce his plans for the new fiscal year, it's Tom Henderson who goes there with his juicy information shared on InsiderGaming. At the start of the week, we were entitled to details on the future license hub, Assassin's Creed Infinitywhich should mark a big change in the way the “meta story” is told and be launched at the same time as the next episode, Assassin's Creed Codename Red. In recent months, the unofficial details concerning him have been quite numerous, with an illustration on the run of the heroine who would be called Naoeelements concerning her and the other playable character Yasuke or the fact that the plot in modern times would be moved to the end of the 21st century. So, what's new now?

In a new articleTom Henderson thus evokes the fact that the game engine Anvil used in the games of the license would have undergone a substantial evolution and this Anvil Pipeline would now allow different studios to work using the same branch (think of it as one virtual environment that they can all access) instead of different versions. Just for interoperability between the hub Infinity and the many projects under development, we understand the interest, in addition to allowing all teams to have access to the latest news. Apparently this should help new games in terms of virtual geometry and global illumination using the ray tracing. The most interesting thing in all this is that the teams would have proceeded to a complete overhaul of all elements of the series, including the animations, the dynamic weather and the parkour system ! Fingers crossed that the slap will be at the level ofAssassin's Creed Unity when it comes out (less worries).


The clashes would be quite similar to what Valhalla offeredwhich would be logical for a Action RPG and frankly not a bad thing since one of our criticisms towards Mirage regarding this point. There would however be more gore with blood and decapitations, the games are after all PEGI 18. As for discretion, nothing new, since he simply repeats that this would be inspired by Splinter Cell with the ability to turn off torches, lie face down and hide in tall grass and bushes.

More interesting, Valhalla's colony system with Ravensthorpe would have undergone a major evolution. There Hideout (hideout in the article) would be its equivalent in Codename Redwhere we could build various customizable buildings (armoury, dojo, etc.), whose location and exterior appearance (roof design) as well as interior (arrangement of various elements such as weapons and armor) would be left to our discretion want, and to the possibilities allowed by the developers obviously.

While waiting for other leaks like this orUbisoft concretely presents this new episode, you can obtain Assassin's Creed Mirage from €39.99 on Amazon.

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