New Ghost of Tsushima-style game in development, previews

A development studio has decided to develop a Ghost of Tsushima-like title, but not only is the team founded by ex from a rumored studio, but the game looks amazing!

Ghost of Tsushima it is certainly one of the most popular titles of recent years, in fact thanks to the influence of Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice in the videogame market, it seems that the fighting, the culture, the settings and the oriental characters have taken a new life in the world of videogames. In fact, it had been several years that the industry had receded from this type of productions, leaving space for the titles already mentioned.

The tension is cut with a katana in this image. (Source: Dark Passenger)

Although Sekiro is definitely one of the better titles in recent years there has also been Ghost of Tsushima an excellent welcome between players and specialized sites. The titles are not, however, comparable in terms of gameplay, but the fact is that at the moment they are unique exponents of the ancient world of the samurai, or at least until now.

Ghost of Tsushima 2? No, another title is on the way and it’s amazing!

Apparently Ghost of Tsushima 2 it won’t be the next video game based on oriental culture that will make you jump out of your chair, in fact former developers of a very famous studio have just started working. If you loved Sekiro, this Sekiro 2 trailer will literally drive you crazy!

ghost of tsushima
Can you survive long enough on the battlefield? (Source: Dark Passenger)

Did you know of the existence of Dark Passenger? Good because from today it will be difficult to forget the name of this new development studio created by former developers and members of CD Project Red!

It is now impossible not to know the Polish house behind it The Witcher but that has been on everyone’s lips because of Cyberpunk 2077, a title that went down in history for the worst launch ever based on an immense hype and broken promises.

The Dark Passenger, however, was not born only to compete with its former home, but to create a title that will give a hard time to all the exponents of titles about ninja And about samurai. the first IP of the studio will in fact be an online multiplayer title in Unreal Engine 5 which will bring the Pvp and Pve in Feudal Japan.

The studio then stated that the game will focus heavily on movement and combat and therefore a mix of good skills it could lead to incredible fights. Did you know that a Netflix series that looks like Ghost of Tsushima with zombies is coming out? This is what we are talking about.

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