New Game from Veterans Shows Promise in the Gaming Industry

Dragon Age creator Mike Laidlaw, along with Ubisoft veterans, are proud to present their first game under the aegis of independent studio Yellow Brick Games. And it makes you want it!

Called Eternal Strands, the title clearly borrows from productions such as Dragon Age and Immortals: Fenyx Rising, among others. The whole thing presents itself as a third-person action adventure single-player game that is magical in many ways. The title is expected at an as yet undetermined date on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. An already solid first brick for the independent studio Yellow Brick Games?


A promising first game from Dragon Age and Ubisoft veterans

Mike Laidlaw, one of the creative minds behind Dragon Age, announced in 2020 the opening of his own studio called Yellow Brick Games. This is made up of Ubisoft veterans and aims to create games without going through a publisher. Four years later, we are treated to the first trailer of the fruit of their labor. So here comes Eternal Strands, a very promising solo game on paper!

We play Brynn, a Weaver seeking to recover the Enclave, the centuries-old home of her people, from the terrible and gigantic creatures who have invaded it. To do this, the young woman has numerous skills, both martial and magical. What particularly marks this game directed by the Dragon Age veteran is the rather innovative use of different types of magic. Brynn can use telekinesis, heat or even cold to manipulate the environment in real time and turn a fight in her favor.

Meet Brynn, the heroine of Eternal Strands. © Yellow Brick Games

A first glimpse that makes you want to

All these abilities will not be too much to face the various dangers on the road to Brynn. We can indeed see powerful monsters, but also truly titanic machines. Like a certain Dragon's Dogma 2, we will be able to climb on them to attack their weak points. In addition to the fights, we will be able to use the young woman's powers to explore a vast playground full of secrets. The artistic direction of Eternal Strands also turns out to be rather shimmering. The inspirations from Immortals: Fenyx Rising in particular are not trivial, given the presence of Ubisoft veterans in the team.

This very first game from the studio, created by one of the founding fathers of Dragon Age, is in any case very appealing. Unfortunately, no release date has been announced. Eternal Strands is expected on PC via Steam, PS5 and Xbox Series. We can bet that Dragon Age 4 will be released before this title which we are already watching closely.